VLZ4. Important Safety Instructions. 1. Read these instructions. 2. Keep these instructions. 3. Heed all warnings. 4. Follow all instructions. 5. Do not use this. In a crowded subset of the mixer market, Mackie offers proven design, build, and operational qualities via its VLZ3. As a continuation of the series, the VLZ is an extremely popular consumer-level mixer from Mackie. The original CR was a game-changing .

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This means the Mids can be swept from a low of Hz, all the way up to 8kHz, with a boost or cut of 15dB.

Designing a mixer to take its place was a tremendous challenge, mqckie. The Mackie VLZ Pro has been the long-running favorite of mackid professionals the world over for its sound quality, ease of use and rugged dependability. Not satisfied with those reviews? I find that I often use the sweepable mid frequency as a second upper bass control.

Mackie mixer preamps are so quiet and clean, that many of our competitors have tried to copy themand with performance specs like ours under 0.

Mackie Vlz3 16 Channel Mixing Console | eBay

Then they tweaked the channel EQ for optimal performance and built an even better Mix Bus. It has an extended low frequency response and a low cut filter. This gives VLZ3 mixers practical, useful equalization, providing not only sonic enhancement and correction, but also the tone-shaping facility to actually improve the musical nature of the mackid signal. Even with a relatively low output mic on the kick drum, I was able to crank up the gain without any noticeable loss of low end.


I therefore replace my old with the new CR Vlz3 and there was the drama: Related Items Add To Cart. New and improved design This powerful new line of Mackie mixers improves on the legendary performance of our highly acclaimed VLZ-Pro compacts.

I felt just like a kid at Christmas when mackkie UPS driver dropped off my package. With the Mackie Rotopod, you get to choose the patchbay position that best suits your needs.

And with the exact same price as the VLZ Pro, it will please both dedicated Mackie users and newcomers alike. These channels will be assigned to the mixer’s output section, delivering the signals to their ultimate destination, which could be your mixdown 2-track, your control room system or your headphones, making the VLZ3 a truly powerful, 8-track recording console.

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Log in Become a member. If you are looking for a high quality well made analog mixer, look no further because the VLZ3 is a machine! We could have stopped right then and there, but we’re obsessed with perfection.

They are clean and quiet, they generate little to no noise. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

Let’s be honest, for the small group that wants to repeat or young artist who wants to try their hand, the VLZ3 is sufficient and very correct.


The Mackie VLZ3 mixer is packed with premium features on every channel: From there, the channels manipulate the sound, but are not assigned to the output section.

Mackie VLZ3 – 16 Channel Compact Mixer – Long & McQuade Musical Instruments

Tremendous resources went into optimizing the center points of the channel EQ. And our ingenious Split-Monitoring function allows you to record and playback eight tracks without re-patching. Our highly musical EQ gives you complete control over tonality and harmonic vzl3.

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Mackie 1604 Vlz3 16 Channel Mixing Console

Way back in the s, Mackie introduced the VLZ Pro compact mixer line, which single-handedly invented the “musician-friendly” compact mixer category. Leave it to the innovative minds at Mackie to produce the VLZ Pro, the best-sounding mixer in its class for more than ten years running. Click here to see all locations.

There are no reviews for this product! No matter what you use with it, it gives us a great sound quality. The preamps are the high point of this mixer. Finally a console with a dynamic character a little “roots” which vlz pull out the electronic beats.