Leonard Peikoff is universally recognized as the preeminent Rand scholar writing today. He worked closely with Ayn Rand for thirty years and was designated. This brilliantly conceived and organized book is Dr. Leonard Peikoff’s classic text on the abstract principles and practical applications of Objectivism. This brilliantly conceived and organized book is Dr. Leonard Peikoff’s classic text on the abstract principles and practical applications of Objectivism, based on.

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Retrieved January 4, Feb 02, Aase Maren rated it it was amazing. The metaphysics of objectivism is nineteenth century science.

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A baker would never choose not to sell to a customer because that would be against his own interest. I would say this is for the doctorate level reader, I was seriously struggling through some of it!

Bojectivism of Ayn Rand and Objectivism. Instead it envelops itself in preemptive strikes against deconstruction and skepticism. It is love of the good for being the good. This book does present the coherent world view of Ayn Rand. Customers who bought this item also bought.

Fourthly, all human beings are independent individuals by nature and should be treated as such. And this book mostly summarizes those tracts.

Objectivism by Leonard Peikoff | : Books

Mar ogjectivism, sologdin rated it did not like it Shelves: Jan 31, Laura rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: He opposes taxationpublic educationwelfarebusiness regulations, etc. Plus, who really wants to read a textbook in their spare time? Peikoff is much more charming objecfivism Rand, too, which is a virtue. The chapter on Government and the Epilogue were interesting.

It offers a great and complete picture of the philosophy of objectivism. She is definitely not versed in philosophy but thinks she has an ultimate system with her pretend Objectivism of the real world and valuing the selfishness within us as the ultimate good within her ontology.


To them ‘corporations are people too’ and are free to charge us extra prices on cans of tuna because of the monopoly they have on the product. Start reading Objectivism on your Kindle in under a minute.

Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand

Leonard Peikoff in In his book The Logical Leap: Her argumentation would often revert to “I reject that” or just quote objectivlsm created fictional character, Howard Roark, by simply saying “isn’t it though? The concep Objectivism is the full explanation of Rand’s often misquoted and even more often misunderstood philosophy. In my opinion, even if you don’t end up agreeing with Ayn Rand or Objectivism, everyone should try to understand it.

Nobody is born that way in her world and we are responsible for everything. But, today, if any one were to talk to me with a straight face about the concepts presented in this book I would just burst out laughing, and would love to spar with them in debate.

See all reviews. He has been critical of American foreign policy, considering both neoconservative and libertarian views self-sacrificial. Jan 08, Alexander Halbrook rated it really liked it. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. This is an important book, and I have to commend Leonard Peikoff for executing the task.

Jan 12, Paul Taske rated it piekoff was amazing. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. A world we form by considering instances about the past and interrogating over time while projecting in to the future as we create our now.

Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand by Leonard Peikoff

English Choose a language for shopping. However, once you understand the basics of Objectivism through the examples in her novels, you are ready to move on to Leonard Piekoff. This is by far the most systematic explanation of Objectivism anyone is ever likely to get. Kant et al can and should be put to rest. Everything that exists has a definite nature identit This is by far one of the best books I’ve read.


If you are a critic of Rand’s philosophy, step up to the plate and quit using straw man arguments: None can survive for a moment on a correct metaphysics The violation of other human beings’ independence through the use of force is anti-life and therefore immoral.

While Ayn Rand was a prolific writer, her work spans through several novels and countless essays on philosophy, culture, etc. If you do plan to read this book, the characters of “Atlas Shrugged” and “The Fountainhead” are used as examples throughout, so reading these books first will help with the references obbjectivism and give you a practical example of the philosophy in action. She makes the author of this book her “intellectual heir”.

Her views, however, are spread across more than a dozen books and peikff of articles and speeches. Republicans or Libertarians would be better served reading Nietzsche to develop their political beliefs than to follow these ravings of a simpleton reactionary she is a reactionary to Marxist thought and thinks that the opposite of Marxism must be right because she clearly loathes the communist.

I think Ayn Rand had an objectivusm.

Peikoff, though he is a clear enough writer, lacks Rand’s talent for vividness and lucidity, her wit and aptitude leoanrd turning a phrase This is an important book, and I have to commend Leonard Peikoff for executing the task. She thinks that essences are real and a correct taxonomy about the world must exist and is knowable by man she says.

While Peikoff himself had no input into the creation of Dr.