The Secret of Wilhelm Storitz has ratings and 29 reviews. Luís said: Here is a beautiful story of adventure both surprising and very playful, the gre. The Secret of Wilhelm Storitz. The First English Translation of Verne’s Original Manuscript. Jules Verne. Translated and edited by Peter Schulman. These reviews are for various editions of: “The Secret of Wilhelm Storitz”.

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He and his laboratory assistant Denis have the traditional mad-scientist and toady-assistant relationship, except that Denis isn’t a hunchback. As a consequence, the mob burned his house down, despite the efforts made by police agents. Even thought Verne’s books are categorized under science fiction, they don’t read like sify at all.

It also is not coincidence that Storitz is German as Verne displays an anti-German sentiment that set in following the Franco-Prussian War. Stepark attempted to capture Wilhelm but failed. If her child had been a girl instead of a boy, would this still have reversed the invisibility?

Although Verne hoped for it to be published before his death, The Secret of Wilhelm Storitz is among roughly half a dozen novels and a short story collection published after he died. Mar 21, Larry Wegman rated it liked it. Czech sci-fi and fantasy: Storitz hints broadly that he and he wilhel can reverse the invisibility, and that the price for this will be Martha’s hand in marriage.

Storitz, for the most part, actually stays in the background of the narrative thus adding to his mysterious nature.

Share this Rating Title: Wilyelm the gendarmes arrest Storitz, who is killed resisting arrest. The Secret of Wilhelm Storitz may show its age to the modern reader.

He was interrogated about the location of Myra and about the mysterious substance, but he was unable to answer as Storitz re never se him about his plans. As it happens, Martha has another beau, a young Frenchman named Marc-Antoine. Before leaving Paris, he learned that a man named Wilhelm Storitz had proposed to Myra, but he was refused.


It also is not coincidence that Storitz is German as Verne displays an anti-German sentiment that set in following the Franco-Prussian War. It wikhelm us for misfortune has drilled the skin of Here is a beautiful story of adventure both surprising and very playful, the great Jules serves us with great simplicity that lets itself embarked by human hatred that over time appealed to the supernatural rather advanced science for sow terror or simply wreak vengeance, but at the same time, we discover that what man can build, it can also untie it, we need intelligence to fight another intelligence … This is the adventure that Henri remembers.

Among his father’s lab notes, Storitz discovers the formula for a potion that confers invisibility. Later, while on a walk, Henri and Stepark overheard a conversation between Wilhelm and his servant Hermann, both in a state of invisibility, as they had been throughout the novel’s plot. The story is told by Henry Vidal, who travels from Paris to a fictional city in Hungary, where his brother intends to marry Myra Roderich, the daughter of a highly respected family.

The Secret of Wilhelm Storitz: The First English Translation of Verne’s Original Manuscript

Published April 1st by Bison Books first published When the invisible Martha became pregnant by her husband, was the foetus visible in midair? The twist at the end is interesting, but it is left unresolved at the end of the book.

After all, Verne died years ago and all of his work has been published. Contrary to how she is described in the intro, she’s not a main character–she’s a stage prop. Sin duda una historia buena.

I’ve re Verne’s or his son’s story in French, having been unable to locate an English translation. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Martha’s father is a colonel in the Hungarian army, so he firmly refuses to permit his daughter to marry a Prussian, due to the bad history between the two nations.

Just a moment while we stoitz you in to your Goodreads account. The title character is the son of a famous German scientist, one many near his home regarded as possessing close to supernatural powers. Mar 16, Anna rated it did not like it.


Information and reviews for “The Secret of Wilhelm Storitz”

The introduction and notes to the new Schulman translation make much of this late, “darker” work by Verne and various symbolic interpretations. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Weak characters I didn’t really care about, a very flat villain you know he’s a villain because he’s Germanthe book starts out pretty much as a travel-log with unnecessary amounts of travel-planning detailmiddles out with a kinda weird bro-mance between the main character and his brother-in-law-to-be and boring, gushy conversation with his brother about his perfect fiancee conversation in which these grown men sound like year-old girls sighing over that really cute boy in math classa fiancee who–though crucial to the storyline–seems to make only cameo appearances for most of the story.


Surprising disappointment from Jules Verne! Lau Maia rated it liked it Oct 19, Naturally, The Secret of Wilhelm Storitz carries the style and tropes of the time in which it was written When they returned, they found Myra missing.

Refresh and try again. Haralan fighting an invisible Wilhelm Storitz. But there is never anything wrong with having something “new” from a classic author, particularly when earlier versions deviated from the author’s original work. Who can imagine the effect it would have had on an early 20th century audience? Denis Rest of cast listed alphabetically: He’s nothing like Arthur C Clarke in terms of scientific knowledge, but when it comes to story telling ability, no sify author can simply beat Jueles Verne.

Of course, the town is in a panic as no one knows when and where he will strike.