Rabbi Klein’s book delves in the the consolidation of one of the holiest and oldest languages on earth. These are said [only] in lashon hakodesh, the portion of bikkurim [Here it says,] “Raise [your voice] and say before Hashem, your G-d,” and elsewhere it says. The term “Lashon Hakodesh” means different things to different people. It’s generally translated as “the holy language.” And what that language.

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It is the hakoddsh with which G-d speaks with His prophets. Proficiency or even a basic understanding in Hebrew is not a required prerequisite for reading the book.

But if he does not speak laehon him in lashon hakodesh and does not teach him Torah, it is fit as if he buried him, as it says, ‘Teach them to your children. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Lashon Hakodesh (Hebrew)

Retrieved Jul 26, ; Vowelized Mishnah Sotah 7: Today, many adherents lsahon and learn about the Jewish religious texts and the Haokdesh language as well. He writes in his siddur, Beit Yisrael p. Hebrew is perceived to be ,ashon holy language by a large number of people in the world, and there are around nine million people worldwide who currently speak the Hebrew language. Haoodesh is what the Ramban writes that the holiness of the language is because Torah and prophecy and all holy things are said hakoresh that language: Klein notes that Rabbi Mosher Sofer observed that Lashon Hakodesh has a paltry vocabulary compared to other languages.

Look and see how great the value of lashon hakodesh is; it brings about the redemption and salvation. And now, not only does not even one of a thousand know lashon hakodesh, our natural language, clearly — to understand in depth what he learns, or when he blesses and prays to insure that what he utters should be with the maximum meticulousness, as fitting to stand before the King of the Universe to find favor in His eyes so that it should not be considered habit alone — they do not care even if they deride and blaspheme.

Of the four appendices, I found the first to be the most interesting. May G-d protect us from such heretical views.

For the traditional reader who wants to know the origins of the Divine language they are using for sacred purposes, the book will likely answer most of their questions. In other words, they sensed that the redemption of Israel is dependent on the fact that they did not change their language.


Tweet Share Plus One Pin it. The Mishna Berura 13 comments that the ideal is to pray specifically in lashon hakodesh, and only on an occasional basis did they permit praying in a foreign language. After the world wide flood during the era of Noah, man was told to populate the entire world again.

The Torah-portion of ‘ Sotah ‘, the confession made at the presentation of the tithethe ‘ Shema ‘, and the lasho Prayer ‘ …. For the reader who simply wants lasohn know the history and development of ancient Hebrew and Aramaic, the book will also be extremely rewarding. I am embarrassed of you, nation holy to Hashem, how did you forget lashon hakodesh, [which is] full of delight, and in every word and letter there are combinations of [Divine] names and truthful qualities.

You shall not have’ The author knows there is no definitive answers on the development of Lashon Hakodesh and does his best to offer various theories and opinions.

The title conveys the message that Lashon Hakodesh and Hebrew hhakodesh two different languages. It delves into the use of Aramaic in biblical writings, and what languages were spoken during different time periods in the Bible. Therefore, this language is not just one of seventy languages, but rather it is hewn from a different source.

Nahmanides disagrees with Maimonides’ reasoning, and provides his own reasoning, based on the way the Hebrew was being used:. The footnotes to the Torah Sheleima cite that after G-d scattered them and separated them into seventy languages, He reserved lashon hakodesh for Israel, and this language unites them. His son, Rav Zvi Yehuda zt”l added that with the reawakening of the language to life, G-d sent the Chafetz Chaim to purify the language, and he wrote his work about guarding speech.

The goal of Ben-Yehuda was to both fill that gap and build on the entire historical Hebrew language. It is obligatory to teach the Hebrew language to one who did not learn it, as the Rambam writes Avot ch.

Book review: Lashon HaKodesh: History, Holiness and Hebrew | Ben Rothke | The Blogs

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The first half of the book progresses from the Lashon Hakodesh of primordial man — known as Adam — to how the languages were split up at the incident of Migdal Bavel Tower of Babelto what languages Abraham spoke, with chapter 4 detailing the languages of the Jews during their time in Egypt.


In fact, the author dedicates a chapter showing that Modern Hebrew, while connected to Lashon Hakodesh, is clearly not identical to the elemental Lashon Hakodesh language. It was written primarily in Hebrew, hakodeesh a few hakodesb having been written in Aramaic. Every Jew should take pride in nationalistic issues such as Land and language.

Lashon Hakodesh

This is, “An Aramean tried to make my father lost,” that Aramaic caused that my father should be lost and go down to Egypt.

Either use the Holy Tongue or Greek! This is the reason that is does not have shameful words, because it is holy, not like the Rambam that because there are no shameful words it is lashon hakodesh. Nobody pays attention to speak true proper Hebrew, while everyone tries to teach his son French and German and similar languages.

He writes Gur Aryeh, Devarim 1: And nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them. Pele Yoetz writes la’az: However, we need to know that the Land and the language go hand-in-hand with Torah. Views Read Edit View history. Some may actually be different dialects of other established languages, and over two thousand languages have less than a thousand people who speak the language.

However, this fantastic advantage was only allowed for a certain period of time.

Today there are between six and seven thousand different languages spoken in the world. He explains the dearth of words by noting that while other languages have evolved through contributions and additions, Lashon Hakodesh is limited to those words spoken by God to his Prophets. The Maharal also writes that it does not seem likely that it would be called lashon hakodesh just because it lashpn not contain shameful words.

Any complete article about the origin of languages and Lashon Hakodesh must include prominent mention of Isaac E.

In the book of Genesis, the bible states that the whole world spoke one language.