Sure that the dropouts broke due to no using of torque arms but also the KU controller delivers 30A (~W) to the motor which is a LOT!!. I received a spare controller for it today. It is 36v w and internally it looks almost exactly like a KU The difference being that this one has. I have redesigned the KU63 motor controller from BMSbattery. Here is the circuit: Don’t use the image above, download the circuit high.

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Struggling with KU63 Controller Get all your technical information about electric bikes here.

S-KU63 W15A 6Mosfets Controller

I have an electric bike with an existing 36v w controller. I received a spare controller for it today. It is 36v w and internally it looks almost exactly like a KU The difference being that this one has two pink wires that can be joined. I am unsure what the pink wires do. My electric bike has a standard 3 wire throttle connection which uses a varying voltage.

This controller also has a 3 wire 3 speed connector on it in addition to the standard varying voltage connection. I need this controller to work just with a throttle connection.


I have already soldered a jumper wire so it can work without pedal assist and I have added a jumper so that it powers on when the battery is connected.

I have not managed to get any response from the throttle at all.

KU63 controller circuit board connections

I tried to add pictures but it just says they are too big. A KU63 works on throttle only out of the box.

Just leave PAS disconnected. Leave the three-speed connector disconnected.

Use this method to post photos post 4: All controllers don’t use the same connector placement. Just check the throttle is going to throttle in the controller. The throttle can’t be in the three speed connector because there is no voltage to be found anywhere on the connector. The middle wire in the connector is ground where in my setup the middle wire is signal.

I have tried the controller with jumper wires comtroller the 3 speed connection as well as the brake connection. This image is not mine, but in my controller, the 3 speed connection is on the TXD and RXD connections which have nothing on them in this picture.


It has different software in it to the normal KU It works the same if you cut that purple wire. With the wire in place, you have to pedal before you can use the throttle.

With the normal KU63, all you have to do is connect the battery, ignition wire, motor with or without halls and throttle. Then it should work. No jumpers or wire cutting is necessary.

kku63 From memory, the throttle signal wire is on the end, not the middle. Did you check that the sequence of wires in your throttle connection is correct: On the throttle connection on the controller the connection is giving 5v on red 0v on signal and black is ground the same as my hall throttle. I will post some detailed images when I get home from work.

The connection is correct.