KEIM Optil is a highly developed multi purpose interior sol silicate paint system suitable for application onto a wide range of mineral substrates and existing. Keim Optil is a premium quality sol/silicate, mineral based paint designed especially for use in interior applications for an elegant finish, suitable for use on walls. KEIM Optil. Sol-silicate interior paint. Technical Data Sheet. V e rsio n. 0. 2. 1 . Product description. Keim Optil is a ready to use silica-sol interior.

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Keim Optil can be applied onto almost all mineral surfaces; including plaster, lime plasterboard, brickwork, concrete and stone work and are available in an extensive range of colours, with bespoke colours also available at no extra cost. As well as these potentially harmful effects to those applying the materials and occupying the rooms, conventional paints create a film over the surface which can trap moisture vapour behind them — this is because they have low moisture vapour permeability, also known as breathability.

Colour shade White and shades according to KEIM Palette exclusiv and Avantgarde colour swatches, inclusive monochrome shades Application Brush, roller or airless spraying. Search Select your language.

Subscribe to our mailing list. Product information such as product brochures, technical data sheets, safety data sheets etc can be found here Consumption For krim coat: Particularly suited for demanding interior design and application under difficult light conditions. Keim Optil is designed to be extremely durable; like all mineral paints it is not an acrylic film applied over the surface but the potassium silicate within the paint actually bonds to the mineral surface it is applied to, and creates an extremely strong bond.


Download Safety data sheet Technical data sheet Product brochure. Sol-silicate mineral paints combine silica particles with the original potassium silicate binder; this enhances many of the performance aspects, and particularly its ability to adhere to non-mineral, i.

KEIM Optil is easily applied, with outstanding coverage and low consumption rates. Kim Optil is chemically solvent and odour free and does kei off gas at all.

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Product information Product information such as product brochures, technical data sheets, safety data sheets etc kkeim be found here Indeed, it is postulated that off gassing can continue for a number of years, long after the new paint smell has gone.

KEIM Optil — a premium interior paint that meets the optl of modern architectural design while combining the highest mineral quality and a fascinating homogeneous appearance. Complementary and Pre-treatment Products. Rooms may be occupied immediately following application of KEIM Optil and equipment can be simply cleaned using water.

Our seminars introduce and explain silicate mineral paints, find out more here. Neue Wege wagen im Bremerhaven.

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Surfaces painted a white that create an atmosphere of elegance with their ultra-matt finish, even under difficult light conditions, are no less impressive. Keim have been producing mineral paints sinceutilising potassium silicate and earth oxide pigments to create highly durable and breathable paint systems.


For outside areas Wet abrasion classes Photocatalysis Brushing techniques. Packaging 5 l and 20 l containers Pallet: Using a previously unknown variety of lightfast, mineral pigments makes KEIM Optil a keimm and sophisticated interior design choice of interior mineral paint.

Special silicate primer for interior use based on a binder combination of hydrosol and silica sol. Special shade “brilliant white” without MacroFill-Technology.

Keim Optil – The Alliance for Sustainable Building Products

This site uses cookies, if you continue you agree to our usage policy. Premium quality for maximum light scattering.

Search Select your language. Neue Wege wagen im Bremerhaven. Services Download area Training centre Optll projects. The colours are lighter than the original shade. Drier buildings are also easier to heat and therefore even something like paint choice can help to reduce energy costs. Download Safety data sheet Technical data sheet.


Consumption For one coat: Keim Optil – Jeim features and benefits. Especially intensive, lightfast colour shades with ultra matt appearance. Colour is really important and can define and express your ideas and visions. Have you selected the right product? Strong colours KEIM Optil — a premium interior paint that meets the requirements of modern architectural design while combining the highest mineral quality and a fascinating homogeneous appearance.

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