Egyptian Henbane learn more about names for this taxon Hyoscyamus muticus Trusted Image of Hyoscyamus muticus; Map of Hyoscyamus muticus. Expert(s). Expert: Notes: Reference for: Other Source(s). Source: Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN), – , database (version ). Conjugation of reduced glutathione to a wide number of exogenous and endogenous hydrophobic electrophiles.

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The positive and significant correlation between ploidy level and biomass production, is economically important for medicinal plant s, such as the Egyptian henbane. It was also found that all of the peak values were nearly twice that of the muticuss control, indicating the stability of tetraploids. The overall conclusion is that the method used is reliable for routine in vivo production of polyploids in Egyptian henbane.

In high dosages it can be fatal. Where appropriate, statistical analysis was performed using student t-test for morphological and biomass comparison between tetraploid and diploid types control.

Hyoscyamus muticus – Useful Tropical Plants

In vitro chromosome doubling of nine Zantedeschia cultivars. This page was last edited on muticcus Marchat In this experiment, the most of treated plantlets were affected by the time of exposure and the concentration of applied colchicine and therefore, there were only two diploid plants after treatment.

In most cases, the first leaves of tetraploids had a distored appearance, but the subsequent leaves appeared normal at the place of treatment. Flow cytometric profile confirmed the production of tetraploids and mixoploids. Enhancing the productivity of secondary metabolites via induced polyploidy.


How to cite this article: Comparison of yield components: The stem histograms showed no significant difference with those of leaves, while the root histogram showed a higher difference.

When released slowly, scopolamine reduces the nausea of motion sickness or post-operative recovery. The body size of diploids and tetraploids were significantly different, tetraploids being stronger than diploids one Fig. Thus, as a simple and efficient method, the stomata size and chloroplast number can be used as markers to identify the ploidy level of this plant before flow cytometric analysis.

In this research to investigate the stability of the induced tetraploids, flow cytometry measurement was conducted again from leaves in C 1 and C 2 generations.

As for this day, no reports of a relationship between stomata chloroplast number and ploidy level in Egyptian henbane have been made. Plant material and polyploidy induction: In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Similar results also had been observed in other studies by Lavania and Lavania and Srivastava The first visible effect of colchicines was the delayed growth of treated plantlets. In flow cytometry profile of root samples, the proportion of G 1 and G 2 nuclei were nearly balanced, while in leaf and stem, the proportion of G 2 nuclei was higher than those of G 1.

The wild plants are used in traditional local medicine.

Search in Google Scholar. They have white or green corolla and upper lips in deep purple-violet. The plant survival was not affected by the concentration and time of exposure of colchicines. The leaves may also be applied as a poultice to relieve pain. Thus, the polyploid plants may increase biomass or product yields Gao et al.


In this study, the peak that represents the G 1 phase of the tetraploid cell cycle was located on channelwhereas for control this peak was on channel For this purpose, three plantlets muticcus chosen from both the diploid control and tetraploid groups. These characteristics included visual comparison of plant body size, leaf, flower and seed size. The biology and biochemistry of underground organs. Tetraploid Induction of Hyoscyamus muticus L.

The wives of the Roman emperors Augustus and Claudius used the plant as a poison to eliminate rivals.

Hyoscyamus muticus

An inverse relationship has been reported between colchicine concentration and explant survival with ex vitro Lavania, ; Lavania and Srivastava, and in vitro Hamill et al. Stomata characteristics stomata size, stomata frequency, chloroplast number previously yyoscyamus been used as useful parameters for distinguishing ploidy level Cohen and Yao, ; Compton et al.

Since, key facts with regards to the physiology of this plant are unknown, however, basic physiological studies are still required to understand this stringent process in Hyoscyamus muticus.

Egyptian henbane is a perennial herb or shrub with a height of up to 1.

Autotetraploid plants from colchicine-treated bud culture of Salvia miltiorrhiza Bge.