This title is not available. Here are some other titles you might like. Customers Who Bought this Title also Purchased. Harn Region Map · City of Coranan Player . Have a bit of a problem with this here supplement for Harn: Kaldor The problem is with the price. Nearly £22 for a 61 page book!? That’s insane. Kaldor is the name given to the region of the middle Kald River watershed, lying roughly between the Sorkin and Felsha Mountains of east central Hârn. The.

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Active forum topics Anything Else For ? GunnarGreybeard I have seen that but not sure I have seen that but not sure I could dedicate the time needed. These aren’t hharn enough to call “essays” but there’s good information in here.

GM Notes This page contains the notes I’ve derived through the play-testing process. Kaleor looking for some fresh blood or old if you used to play. It’s actually played through Yahoo Groups.

I approached creating the career campaign much as an author would tackle a novel. The site of Roganter, a secular manor held by a knight from the Archbishop of Larani at Caleme, is detailed and mapped with information about every village household. Let me know if you’ve got any thoughts or comments.

Kaldor In Flames (PBeM)

Also, its PBeM and not forum based? In addition to the manor, this update also includes an adventure where the PCs must solve the Kobarney riddle, key to finding ,aldor Saint’s sword. Harn is a misty, cool, temperate collection of islands which sits off the coast of Lythia. There are dozens of supplements related to Kaldor.


And here is the application forms for the 2 different games if you’re interested: Each manor has a “cheat sheet” at the end but there are also plenty of seeds scattered throughout the material.

Don’t be afraid to make up alternative plot lines. I didn’t want to assume that the players or GM had any previous knowledge of the Harn setting or the HarnMaster rules, so I started with the basics – combat. Dennis is currently running two campaigns.

It is known to be the home of the SindarinKhuzdulmany strange beasts, and has a long tradition of powerful mages from the Island. It begins with an excerpt from the Kaldor module showing some of the hwrn covered in a kingdom module. Please upgrade your browser or install Chrome or Firefox to enjoy the full functionality of this site.

Harn | Hârn: The Knights of Kaldor | Obsidian Portal

The project had two inter-related objectives. Tashal is the seat of the King of Kaldor. Unless I’m travelling, then I use the handy dandy iPhone. Not all threads will fit into a campaign or suit each group. I would think that this makes it even harder to track whats going on from a player standpoint, at least that is how I would forsee it.

Tavern Keeper is a Community for Tabletop Gamers.

Kalldor and players have joked that I ” may have left a dog in Hundholt without a name ” but I doubt it. Knights of Kaldor Created by Joe Adams. Email me or send me a private message at HarnForum. So this is not a PBeM that will go the way of the klador any time soon. There is plenty to do in the Hundred. Save for its civilized regions, Harn is heavily forested.


Drilen, Emerule, and Ominstru A small but growing cast And a 26 page article with three connected adventures. Some of the highlights include heraldry, economic and military details and more.

This PDF includes excerpts from the many available Kaldor-related modules.

Knights of Kaldor

Obsidian Portal has a lot of really cool features that use JavaScript. Create new account Request new password. The name Harn is also applied to the entire archipelago as well as the island proper. March 28, Click here to see the full list. The campaign outline lays out a plot that is constructed of several distinct stages.

The Island of Harn itself is a large island, with a surface area of roughly ,00 square miles. Details include outstanding city maps, trade and caravan information, local plans of dozens of neighborhoods and sites in the city including the Tashal underground.