Multiple Demos and misc files. Contribute to o2platform/Demos_Files development by creating an account on GitHub. Foundstone Hacme Bank v™ Software Security Training Application User and Solution Guide Author: Shanit Gupta, Foundstone Inc. April 7, Proprietary. Hacme Bank simulates a “real-world” web services-enabled online banking application, which was built with a number of known and common.

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All of our class sizes are guaranteed to be 12 students or less to facilitate one-on-one interaction with one of our expert instructors. The ListCurrenUsers method has a single input expected. Every user is assigned atleast 2 accounts and can have at most 4 different accounts. This way the developers do not have to maintain or query the response to the challenge on the server side and can extract it from the client provided information.

QuinStreet does not include all companies or all types of products available in the marketplace. In the source of the page you will find the hidden field that has the viewstate information.

The users can create new accounts for bani user, assign location and account type. For instance, data validation has often been neglected with performance impact being cited as the primary reason for doing so. Several real world applications are now exposing web services of their application to be consumed by their partners, collaborators and consumers.

Users are encouraged to banj these web services to write their own applications. This enables the first time users to login the application and access the Admin interface and have a look and feel for the application before modifying it to suite their requirements.


Login in the application use any valid set of credentials. For more information or to change your cookie settings, click here.

In the screen shot hacke we can obtain the account numbers of the users by predicting their userID. All Rights Reserved – 42 www. All Rights Reserved – 54 Modifying the cookie value to a large positive integer would therefore prevent the application locking out after a small number 5 by default of failed login attempts and thus permits a brute force attack.

So we will not be able to insert a new record by just assigning all the 5 columns of the database. The Hacme Bank application consumes web services to implement the functionality of the application. Now open a command prompt and run the following command to install MSDE and see next step for the compatibility warning:.

HacmeBank & HacmeCasino in the Cloud | Free Windows Security Trainings

All Rights Reserved – 56 Figure 47 Change the value of the Admin cookie to be true from false and hit continue. The assumption haccme that only administrator will be able to calculate the response to the challenge officered. All Rights Reserved – 5 Figure 4 www. We believe that entry level resources should be open and free of charge for anyone who wants to dive into the InfoSec industry. All Rights Reserved – 2. The users can transfer funds from one internal account to any other internal account.

Hacme Bank – OWASP

Execute from command prompt to start the SQL Server service or just reboot your computer: All valid loan requests are immediately approved. NET web application built using C. Anyways the other software I stumbled across was called WebMaven All Rights Reserved – 16 3.


Sep 17, 1 min read. Exposing the faux website to the internet would place the entire host at risk, so take extra care to babk it internal facing only. The first step towards that is obtaining the name of all the column names of the table.

Hacme Bank KrK Sep The application allows hace users to change the password associated with the username. All Rights Reserved – 70 Figure 59 The above display screen shot displays the ability of an unauthenticated attacker to transfer funds from one account to another.

All Rights Reserved – 4 Figure 2 Figure 3 www. After double clicking the setup, the splash screen shown in Figure 1 will be shown. Furthermore, there are tools like Foundstone WSDigger which allow you to search query and invoke web services dynamically without writing any code at all.

Once the WSDL is obtained it can be parsed to obtain all the public bani along with the data types expected. Hacme Bank Nice app! Armed with this information, the attacker now attempts to determine the data type of each column. Increasingly, computer attacks are migrating from the network perimeter to poorly designed and developed software applications.

Thanks, Rogelio Morrell C.