Grewia bicolor is a deciduous shrub or a tree; it usually grows 2 – 10 metres . An extremely variable plant, it hybridizes freely with Grewia monticola in the wild[. Grewia flavescens flowers in Hyderabad. Grewia tiliaefolia flowers in Hyderabad. The large flowering plant genus Grewia /ˈɡruːiə/ is today placed by most authors in the. False brandy bush (Grewia bicolor A. Juss.) is a many-stemmed shrub that may reach 7 to 14 m high. The bark is dark grey, deeply fissured and scaly in older.

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No specific literature seems available on the utilisation of Grewia bicolor in rabbit feeding June Grewia bicolor fruititng branch.

Flora of Zambia: Species information: Grewia bicolor

The fruits are round and fleshy drupes fruits such as plumsreddish brown or orange and black when ripe, entire or bucolor 2-lobed, up to 6 mm in diameter. Showing 0 of 0 comments. In view of the normally small size of the tree, its timber is unlikely to become yrewia as sawn wood.

In Kenya the bark is applied in case of itching, while in Tanzania it is chewed and put on wounds as a bandage.

In areas with a marked dry season, flowers are produced in the rainy season and leaves are shed during the dry season. Click on “show more” to view them. Some species once placed in Grewia or genera synonymous with it have since been moved elsewhere, particularly to Microcos: Species abundance, food preference and nutritive value of goat diets in the semi-arid lands of east-central Kenya.


Keith Coates Palgrave Trees of southern Africaedn 3. Grewia bicolor is drought-resistant and mainly distributed in areas with an average annual rainfall of — — mm. It grows in low to medium altitudes, on rocky slopes, river banks or low lying depressions.

The wood is also used for firesticks, as fuel wood and made into charcoal. Significance of browses in the nutrition of Tswana goats. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. It is frequently associated with mopane at low altitudes, on sandy flats and rocky mountain slopes. This page was last edited on 20 Octoberat Fresh leaves are made into a kind of tea.

The fruits may be used as fodder Orwa et al. Grewia bicolor forms a distinct shrub layer below the tree canopy. Views Read Edit View history.

Grewia bicolor bark and slash. These trees grow best in temperate climates with summer rainfall. The genus was named by Carl Linnaeusin honor of the botanist Nehemiah Grew from England. Woody vegetation spatial patterns in a semi-arid savanna of Burkina Faso, West Africa.

The specific name bicolor refers to bicoloured leaves. The role of browses in the Sahelian and Sudanian zones. Datasheet Description Click on the “Nutritional aspects” tab for recommendations for ruminants, pigs, poultry, rabbits, horses, fish and crustaceans.

Grewia bicolor

The wood of Grewia bicolor is used in house construction poles, beams and made into a range of articles including tool handles, herding staffs and walking sticks, bows, arrows, spear shafts, knobkerries and clubs, pegs, rakes and saddle frames. Gredia stems of Grewia microthyrsa Lebombo raisin or sand raisindistributed in southern Mozambique and South Africa, are used for spear shafts and in the construction of huts and fences. The production and consumption of Acacia browse and its potential for animal protein production.


Grewia bicolor is a veritable multipurpose tree, yielding a range of useful products, and it therefore seems a good candidate for community forestry projects.

Root macerations are taken to treat infertility and as an aphrodisiac. Grewia bicolor is a most variable species, greia because it freely hybridises with G.

False brandy bush Grewia bicolorfruits. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. All pages needing factual verification Wikipedia articles needing factual verification from June Articles with ‘species’ microformats Commons category link from Wikidata.

Wilczek, occurring in DR Congo, is used in construction and for firesticks; the fruits are edible and dried and powdered they are used against cough. Influence of woody plant cover on biclor selection by goats in an Acacia senegal savanna of East Africa.

However, the extremely dense foliage of Grewia bicolor can also impede access by browsers, thus reducing availability Pellew, National Herbarium, Pretoria September Les ligneux fourragers du Nord-Cameroun.

Grewia bicolor Aluka – Grewia bicolor Juss. Notes on trees and shrubs in arid and semi-arid regions. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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