Goddess Interrupted. ( ratings by Goodreads); by Aimée Carter; Miniseries: A Goddess Test Novel; On Sale: Mar 27, Aimée Carter was born in and raised in Michigan, where she currently resides. She started writing fan fiction at eleven, began her first original story four . I didn’t remember falling asleep, but when I woke up, Ava was gone and Pogo snored in the indent she’d left in the pillow. Sighing, I took.

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The Goddess Test series

Jul 19, Zoe marked it as to-read. Books by Aimee Carter. But cartter because of all that transpired during the war and all the emotion that was drawn up. Carterr first one was brilliant, now i’m dying for the next one!!!!! If you haven’t begun reading this interruptee, I urge you to do it now!!

It was interruptfd engrossing story, yet it felt unfinished… I aiee more Henry! I’ve spent two reviews trying to argue with that, and what more can I say about how vile and awful and fucking infuriating and depressing this whole concept is?

It annoyed me to read about these conflicts that were brought up and dealt with in one chapter. Crazy for Young A Which leads me to the conclusion that a Henry is a lot more pitiful than I already thought he was for his unrequited love for someone who abandoned him and b he should appreciate Kate all the more. Well, except for that tiny huge voice inside of me that kept screaming at her to dump his sorry ass. I have to admit, the plot and action was upped a little bit in this book.

What the heck – she ends with SUCH. Caillope surely has it in for Kate and the others. Will someone remind me not to read the third one? The car was a piece of shit anyway.


Instead she’s greeted with chaos varter a husband who’s standoffish, leaving Kate to wonder if she did the right thing. She deemed everyone as a bitch, even people who genuinely wanted to help her.

Why yes, it did take me a while to process this book. Well, read The Goddess Inheritance. For a villain, she makes a really interesting character.

As I might have said to a student who I made a wrong recommendation to Dec 05, Winnie rated it really liked it Shelves: They are immortal after all, but I seriously wanted to tell both of them to wake up and realize what they’re doing and how it’s effecting the other person.

On top of that, Henry gets kidnapped and brought to Tartarus just when Kate is about to get crowned Queen of the Underworld.

Goddess Interrupted was a fast paced, adventurous installment to the series. I couldn’t wait to jump back into this series. Upon her return, Kate finds that Henry has regressed back to being a distant, prickly jerk. If he escapes, humanity is doomed and all the gods will fade.

His life is at stake, and while I don’t interruptwd it lets her off the hook entirely, I do think it’s deserving of a little empathy, right? It’s intense, it’s satisfying, and it ties up all the ends.

Carter is better at writing, and more focused on, social drama than action or epic conflicts. It was simply amazing. I’m so in love with this series.

Gdodess characters in this book are supposed to be gods and goddesses- or at least adults, but they interact with each other like my six and seven year olds. Skimmed through the pages to be honest. I know him as this guy: The plot was overloaded, but pretty predictable. Because this is HUGE. I would have wanted it to be more fully fleshed out. But Kate asks so many questions of herself and even of Henry, intimate questions dealing with their relationship, which was nice to see in a YA book.


She did not realize how desperate Henry was to protect her against cartrr only the likes of Cronus and Calliope, but from himself as well.

A great fun read, but I could do without the annoying laments of unrequited love. Henry’s aiee wife, Persephone.

Goddess Interrupted

I was Twists, drama, betrayal, a little bit of romance and a touch of the unknown are what fans of Aimee Carter’s Goddess Test series can except to find in her sequel, Goddess Interrupted.

I was surprised at the events. Kate leaves with Henry, and Cronus begins the war by wiping ajmee Athens. He knew how she felt about her sister, the inadequacy and self-loathing, the insecurity, the jealous. Others in the books said that Henry doesn’t know how to express himself properly because he’s still wounded after being abandoned by Persephone, but you know what I say to that?

The Goddess Inheritance

I love her so very deeply that I cannot stand gdodess thought of what will happen to her during this war. Persephone ran her fingers through his hair, leaving heat wherever she touched.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books iterrupted want to read. Pick it up today and fall in love with Henry and Kate. I won’t read the next one.