Mr Tompkins in Paperback has ratings and 58 reviews. Titas (I read in bed) said: Make Physics Easy Again!Are you scared of physics? Don’t want to sp. Mr Tompkins in Paperback (Canto), Mr Tompkins in Wonderland or Stories of c, G , and h, Mr. Tompkins Learns the Facts of Life, Mr Tompkins inside Himself. GEORGE GAMOW. This paperback volume combines and brings up to date two of Professor Gamow’s well known books, Mr Tompkins in Wonderland and Mr.

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Mr Tompkins has become known and loved teorge many thousands of readers since his first appearance over fifty years ago as the bank clerk whose fantastic dreams and adventures lead him into a world inside the atom. This is a thoroughly charming little book with a pleasantly dated, mid-century feel. But the stories, with their old-fashioned charm, do most of the teaching and entertaining here.

Thomkins Explores the Atom”, which describes quantum mechanics including atomic and nuclear structure.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Tompikns is a good enough writer and although the stories are corny, I still learned something after each chapter. His writing reminds one of the way Richard Feynman could break down the most complicated concepts into easily digestible nuggets. The book is a blend of these fanciful adventures with straightforward discussions of science.

Mr Tompkins Series by George Gamow

Roger Penrose’s new foreword introduces Mr Tompkins to a new generation of readers, and reviews his adventures in the light of current developments in physics today. George Gamow’s classic provides a delightful explanation of the timpkins concepts in modern physics, from atomic structure to relativity, and quantum theory to fusion and fission. This is the coolest introduction to Physics out there, I actually read and reviewed it for my final project in my Physics class at the Maine School of Science and Mathematics way back in I finished reading this story for no other reason than completing tompkina recommendation from a friend who has been requesting I read some of his favorite books.


The Invention of Tradition Eric Hobsbawm. He and his associate Ralph Alpher developed a detailed model of the early stages of cosmic evolution in the “big bang” theory. Gamow writes in a clear and humorous style that both enlightens and entertains.

I still have a really fond place in my heart for this well-written introduction to complex concepts. Georfe one frame of reference rotates with respect to another, application of the Special Theory of Relativity leads to the conclusion that the geometry of the rotating system cannot be Euclidean.

Coakes had lent it to me after a discussion we had on some science theories. Eventually he offered it to C. Tompkins does not understand much of what the professor is saying – his skills in mathematics are limited to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, “of which he uses the first two in his profession”.

I would recommend this book to anyone wanting a easy way into quantum mechanics and atomic physics. Magic in the Middle Ages Richard Kieckhefer. Nov 01, Laura Walin rated it liked it Shelves: Open Preview See a Problem? At first glance, this seems like a good way to bring science to the masses. This becomes apparent to him through the fact that passing cyclists are subject to a noticeable Lorentz—FitzGerald contraction. George Gamow’s classic provides a delightful explanation of the central concepts in modern physics, from atomic structure to relativity, and quantum theory to fusion and fission.

Mr Tompkins in Paperback

Companion To The Cosmos J. Some of my favorites are: I told Darwin about the bad luck I had along this line, and he said: Olav Kallenberg later had a career as a professor of probability theory at Auburn University.


I’ve read this book many times, starting at the age of about 12, and I absolutely love it! In the field of molecular biology, Gamow suggested the triplet mechanism for coding DNA. One afternoon of a bank holiday Mr.

Mr Tompkins Series

I suppose if I repeatedly attempt to understand, eventually I’ll get it. The result is that relativistic and quantum effects become noticeable in daily life. Tompkins in Wonderland, and Mr. Last edited or checked June 6, Ttompkins i kept me thoroughly entertained and mentally challenged as it described many current and new ideas in theoretical physics.

I did like the way that the chapters were their own little stories and reading them together fits in the story line, but you could still read a chapter by itself without worrying about remembering what happened earlier in the story. George Gamow was a brilliant physicist who made major contributions to 20th century physics.

Mr Tompkins in Paperback. Baggott No tompkina available – The whole book is written in 3rd person, and it tells the story of Mr. Strongly recommended to everyone just for the fun of it.

When my schoolmate and close friend Olav and I were 14 or 15, we went into an 8-storey building near our school just to ride the elevator up and down.

The Gay Tribe of Electrons.