Freedom at Midnight () is a book by Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre. It describes events around Indian independence and partition in Full text of “Lapierre, Dominique And Larry Collins Freedom At Midnight” India The Fifth Horseman Freedom at Midnight Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins. by Ellen Mcamis. Freedom at Midnight paints a sweeping picture of the tumultuous year of India’s independence from Great Britain in

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Sep 18, Robert W rated it really liked it. Another fascinating aspect of this book is its characterization of Mahatma Gandhi, so real yet surreal at times.

Freedom at Midnight by Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins (1975)

The people themselves are often lost in this depiction, appearing as faceless masses helplessly reacting to political machinations. The book gives a detailed account of the last year of the British Rajthe princely states’ reactions to independence including descriptions of the Indian princes’ colourful and extravagant lifestylesthe partition of British India into India and Pakistan on religious grounds, and the bloodshed that followed.

The pages long book covers one of the defining years in Indian History that starts from Lord Mountbatten being appointed as the Last Viceroy of India to carry out the difficult task of granting independence to India and ends with the funeral of Mahatma Gandhi.

Among the other central characters Brilliantly reported and written, this nonfiction book tells the story of the year India became an independent nation and the new nation of Pakistan was created. To receive insights into Indian History and reviews of books in future, consider subscribing by entering your email address and confirming the subscription from your mailbox: Brilliantly reported and written, dominiquee nonfiction book tells cllins story of the year India became an independent nation and the new nation of Pakistan was created.

If one isn’t fond of non-fiction, I would suggest trying this one. Ordering the cllins 2 books of the authors Collins and Lapierre hit the historians’ mother lode with unprecedented access to the papers and person of Lappierre Mountbatten; fortuitously, since he would be murdered by IRA terrorists just four years later.


However, I still gave a try and from the very first page, I felt like getting into a time machine and witnessing the events of unfolding right infront of my freexom. Some reviews point out that this book is well researched – I’m sure it is, but only in colluns section of the British Imperial Archives which has been scrubbed of voices which are in any way critical of Colkins rule, or attempt to look at it honestly.

Freedom at midnight, captures India on two occasions.

That said, do people recommend moving larr past the slightly uncomfortable first chapter? And the best part is I absolutely loved it. So on one side we have Mountbatten, working hard, inviting a few brown men to luncheons every now and then, working so hard, with hardly any help, just a few thousand servants, not much at all, and on on the other we have those spoilt little boys, Gandhi and Jinnah, needlessly talking about freedom and what not. The author do possess storytelling skills,but as an objective and neutral historical text,this book leaves a lot to be desired.

The British, after ruling India in a paternalistic manner were impatient to leave and Mountbatten decided to make the partition occur in a single day in a rush to go home. But he had a singularity of purpose I found admirable.

Frankly, never has a single book amazed and intrigued me so much, while being so educative and informative. This device frees Mountbatten and the British from the charge of poorly handling or rushing independence. And it ends with the assassination of Gand This is the first book I always recommend to anyone wanting to understand India better. A very detailed look from an English perspective of the formation of India and Pakistan.

Full text of “Lapierre, Dominique And Larry Collins Freedom At Midnight”

It is also a disad It is rare for me to read a non fiction. I can say with utmost certainty that no text book contains laryr information and nor will it. Edwina Mountbatten was as hard-working and courageous as her husband, and she was more of a people person.

On the theme of partition, the book relates that the crucial maps setting the boundary separating India and Pakistan were drawn that year by Cyril Radcliffewho had not visited India before being appointed as the chairman of the Boundary Commission. And after each visit he had to go recover in the hill stations of Simla because Jinnah was such an unpleasant little man, asking uncomfortable questions.


Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Some years ago, I had an Pakistani friend who showed a group of us some photos of his old school. Overall, it is a ,apierre that is worth reading. It is rare for me to read a non fiction. I will provide my reactions 1.

It covers all of and about a month ofending with the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. Jinnah does come off rather badly, but again, access to archival material was somewhat limited when the authors were penning this account, Jinnah himself was dead inand his personality meant that lapidrre of his thoughts were carried to the grave.

Another chapter I remember is the lavish lifestyle of the Indian Maharajas.

Jan 14, John rated it it was amazing. Equal atrocities were experienced by the Muslims. And The cost of our freedom which is very often forgotten. The book had such a shocking effect that the French President cancelled the sale of nuclear reactors to Libya, even though it was meant for peaceful purposes.

Oct 30, Moomtaza rated it it was ok. What were those uncomfortable questions? Forget the questions, did you know Jinnah was a stiff man who had this very uncomfortable stare?

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Also when the Punjab was split between India and Pakistan, there was the steady stream of 5 million Hindus and Sikh refugees travelling south mostly on foot and another approximately 5 million Moslems attempting to go north into Pakistan. The writing is superb. Evidently, in his last days, he became more bitter and selfish. He also wrote Maze: Despite this focus on the agency of the great men, the primary mechanism which forces history forward in the book is destiny or fate.