White Ninja has ratings and 35 reviews. Mehmet said: This is the first book I read by Eric Van Lustbader, its the first book I read in the Nicholas. The Ninja novel was written in by Eric Van Lustbader and is a tale of revenge, love and murder. The author blends a number of known themes together. ORDER THE BOOK E-BOOK Kindle Apple Books Google Play NOOK Kobo White Ninja Nicholas Linnear #3 Description The New York Times–bestselling novel.

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The Ninja, The Miko, and White Ninja | Book Review | The First Hour

If you’re interested in East Asian culture, not J-Pop or anime, but deeply ingrained beliefs about social status and how it affects everyday communication, then the Ninja is a must-read series.

I read this on holiday and finished it out of stubbornness. The book is divided into five parts, called “rings,” as an apparent homage to Miyamoto Musashi ‘s The Book of Five Rings. Day of the Caesars Eagles of the Empire May 31, Sunflower rated it liked it Recommended to Sunflower by: Lead villain among many is Senjin, a psychopathic the word is too mild young chief commander of Tokyo’s homicide bureau, who uses his position to cover up his vile rape murders of beautiful young Japanese dancers he strips their skin off ; who is obsessed by the Demon Woman in actuality his superbly etic twin sister Shisei, whose back he has tattooed with nibja great spider of the Demon Woman ; and who is behind Nick’s spiritual depression.

Both men are troubled. The local police are baffled and consult Nicholas as he is known to be an authority on oriental studies. Nicholas losing most of his ninjutsu ability was a nice touch to make it very interesting. Indigo Prophecy received a lot of complaints for its excessive use of quick-time events, the gameplay mechanic where a button will flash on the screen and you have to hit the correct button on your own controller within a period lustbwder time.


Or, get it for Kobo Lusstbader Points! Lots of uncomfortable sex scenes and long-winded prose.

We were obsessed with ninjas in the ’80s: Action movie on paper, with enough Asian mysteriousness to keep you interested. This peace is shattered when a prominent local businessman is murdered in an extremely unusual manner by a poisoned ninja shuriken. Great on a beach vacation. Unlike what Brandon Sanderson did with the Mistborn trilogyThe Ninja’s world ninjutsu feels like it could be real not ripping on Mistborn, but I suspend my belief at swallowing metals.

The ninja are introduced not as magical or almost mythical people, but rather as supreme martial artists who have reached the highest level and seek to progress further. I praise the author for explaining certain important plot points from the first two books which helped me understand the history of Nicholas.

Preview — White Ninja by Eric V. Nicholas Linnear is enjoying life in Japan with his wife Justine.


With the killer growing increasingly brazen, Linnear must summon all his strength and training before his own family becomes the next target. You can remove the unavailable item s now or we’ll automatically remove it at Checkout. We were able to see Nicholas Linnear as never before, as human being with fears and doubts, and not only perfect killing machine like in previous two novels.

The QTE based combat would hopefully be fun and cinematic, while not being too excessive wishful thinking maybe. The Empty Copper Sea. Now he is about to be changed by the times, by love, and by destiny.

White Ninja (Nicholas Linnear, book 3) by Eric Van Lustbader

This is more of the same, just as engaging and awesome! Dragons on the Sea of Night. He has surgery to remove a tumor in his brain. Just lots of ass kickery and ass bangery. Beneath an Opal Moon. Inwe were also introduced to The Ninjaa crime thriller novel by Eric Van Lustbader, and what I believe to be the single best ninja fiction available. Originally in the s, the rights to make a film adaptation were bought by producers Richard D. It should be noted that the Indigo Prophecy developers are now hard at work finishing up Heavy Rain, a game similar to Fahrenheit but with an improved quick-time event experience.


Do you want to be a member of Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. This kind of open environment would be perfect for translating The Ninja into a game, but it also means it may have to be a bit looser with the story than a straight linear telling.

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He uses the estranged Justine to entrap Senjin, and meanwhile must uncover the spirit-truth behind his own family fortune: Ben Ninka, Book In the last installment, Nick defeated his insane half-cousin Saigo and his seductive mistress Akiko, killing them both. Linnear himself soon becomes introduced to Aka i ninjutsuor the red, ostensibly “good” side of ninjutsu, through the Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu.

Van Lustbader offers his surreal spiritual blood-bath with strong Japanese hues and odors and a typhoon of storytelling–all of which should stir his fans and lift this latest adventure high up the charts. He’s in big trouble. Lustbader’s choice for portraying Nicholas Linnear was Richard Gerebut it never got to dhite point.

Many years later, Linnear has moved to America and leads a peaceful academic existence.