15 out. Breve História da Neurociência Cognitiva INTRODUÇÃO HISTÓRIA DO HISTÓRIA DA PSICOLOGIA Empirismo: conhecimento através de. age (estimated from 9 to 11 yrs) the right hemisphere would take Ongudge function, for the cerebral hemispheres were equipotencial in the young child. Free Online Library: Las funciones psiquicas superiores, la corteza cerebral y la como la idea de la homogeneidad y la equipotencialidad del tejido cerebral.

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All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from July Articles with unsourced statements from October equipotencialidaf The principle of equipotentiality is the idea that the rate of learning is independent of the combination of conditioned and unconditioned stimuli that are used in classical conditioning.

Karl Lashley

In this context when we use brain we are referring to the cortex. In behaviorismthe theory of equipotentiality suggests that any two stimuli can be associated in the brain, regardless of their nature.

By the s two separate equipofencialidad had grown out of Lashley’s research: If the area is not destroyed then the cortex can take over another part.

The law of mass action says that the efficiency of any complex function of the brain is reduced proportionately to how much damage the brain as a whole has sustained, but not to the damage of any particular area of the brain. He reached this erroneous conclusion due to imperfect lesioning methods. This led Lashley to conclude that memories are not localized, but that they are widely distributed across the cortex.


Equipotentiality refers to a psychological theory in both neuropsychology and behaviorism.

Karl Lashley – Wikipedia

Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society. Archived from the original on August 1, His mother was a stay-at-home parent, and had a vast collection of books in the home. Bersoff Nadine Kaslow Barry S. The data gathered from these tend to confirm Lashley’s theories.

Breve História da Neurociência Cognitiva by Émille Dias on Prezi

Ferebral using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He also argued that elementary sensory input was localized, which is supported by current research.

Lashley was born on June 7, in the town of Davis, West Virginia. Bray Carol D. McVicker Hunt Laurance F.

However, food avoidance experiments have questioned its application. She brought in women from the community, whom she would teach various subjects. Languages Deutsch Eesti Nederlands Edit links.

He took a course in zoologyhowever, and switched his major to zoology due to his interactions with a professor. The first was his mother Maggie Blanche Spencer. Anton Susan H. June 7, Davis, West Virginia. Together the two conducted field experiments and studied the effects of different drugs on maze learning of rats. A Quantitative Study of Injuries to the Brain disproved the idea of localization and equiptoencialidad to life the idea that the brain and its multiple parts work together for memory and other functions.

Warren Robert S. This starts to go against localization theories which would say that the brain is only functioning in specific regions and the brain’s ability to perform at any given task is only effected by the overall damage to that area of the brain and damage to an unrelated area shouldn’t affect the task. National Academy of Sciences.


Lashley was a very active boy, both physically and mentally. Continuing the ceerbral for the engram: Archived from the original on What they found was that the mice had no deficits finding the food if the lesions were in a specific part of the brain but if the lesions damaged a equipltencialidad portion of the brain, they did have troubles finding equipotecialidad.

Stanley Hall I. Karl Spencer Lashley defined equipotentiality as “The apparent capacity of any intact part of a functional brain to carry out… the [memory] functions which are lost by the destruction of [other parts]”.

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Lashley coined the term equipotentiality to define the idea that if one part of the brain is damaged, other parts of the brain will carry out the memory functions for that damaged part. Meehl Charles E. Watson had cerebrap most influence on Lashley. Lashley was also a pioneer in challenging the way we think about human and animal behavior in terms of our biology. Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit View history. First, his publication, Brain Mechanisms and Intelligence: