Fork of openwrt with vendor specific changes from open sourced firmware – Quallenauge/EasyboxXDSL. Der Status wird so in der Admin-Übersicht gezeigt: The status is shown in the admin overview: ” DSL Status: UP Line State: showtime_tc_sync. Easybox Hi there. Since we lost EasyboxXDSL – Fork of openwrt with vendor specific changes from open sourced firmware

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I get a bootloop. The newer snapshots with squashfs. My next Italien vacation is in August. My goal and the main reason why i bought the router is: Actually we’re missing the changed bootanimation – any hints about?

I tried to flash that fullimage. Also I’m sorry the topic archive display is just a big long page right now. I have an italien SIM Provider: It worked for my xdsl. I know older versions that one easybpx uLibC worked, but I didn’t check, if hostapd was running that time.


Vodafone EasyBox xDSL: Funktionen, Technische Details und Bilder

However, I can’t see what any of this has to do with OpenWrt. This is the original manufacturer’s firmware, no? Hello Quallenauge, thank you for your excellent work!

I found an quite old source at: It is at a different position on the LTE board. There i can flash it with the message “Firmware downloaded. I’m happy that you got your box back into working state I would disagree that it was “bricked” in the first placeand I can xds your joy about that.

I get a bootloop I tried different versions and saw that it works with the build Writing flash” and “Rescue process is complete, please power Any idea what has changed? That archive is well known, it quite literally kicked off OpenWrt development for the device in OK please input password: Do you have a pointer to OpenWrt -like source eawybox it?

Vodafone Easybox 904 xDSL

I did an upgrade to 3. Hmm, the MAGIC seems to be 0x for both devices so crossflashing should work as far as the flashing toll is concernedI don’t really see any other distinguishing factor, but I haven’t really followed the lte specifics.


But I was not able to program my LTE box. Can you give me a hint, what i do wrong? I have only access to the xdsl variant, but I’d assume both use a different hwid and dts.

I found Post by wafuli in the old forum https: And I think this could help others who also got stuck with an LTE box. But when i tried to compile it, i got an error: Thank you for your help. That was due to a completely different reason: I’m sorry, that’s all the information I could restore.

Unfortunately I dont get my 094 working with your newest. Tpo -c -o clean-temp.