One of the most unique devices of , the ASUS Eee Note EA is an 8-inch shade grayscale slate that’s designed to focus squarely on. Hi All, I think the title speaks for itself. I am searching everywhere for the Asus Eee Note EA after it was recommended to me yesterday on. The Asus Eee Note isn’t a tablet replacement and it lacks some fancier features. However, what it does, it does well and it is priced.

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Similar Threads – Where Asus Note. If you choose export, the note files end up getting stored as. However, as a heavy OneNote user on a tablet PC, I think I would find it very difficult to replace my tablet PC with this comparatively very limited device.

It’s good that the buttons aren’t absolutely necessary, because in the English-language ROM we used, the buttons just plain didn’t work. The Asus eee Note EA runs on a Linux based operating system, so it is a departure from most tablets out there that run Android.

The 8-inch, x matte screen has good viewing angles nothing washes out from any perspective and very sharp text. It features 64 levels of grayscale on the capacitive touch screen and has a DPI rate of Please watch some jesse b anderson videos on youtube for more info on this device. It has a pen interface for your PC that allows you to write on your eee Note and it displays on your PC. Go to the main page of “Note” then click on the small icon on the right of each note file an icon with a pen and a piece of paperone of the options is download to Evernote.


AmyFeb 13, Maybe you should learn something about computers first before writing about them eh?

You can record audio while you are taking notes, but the audio recording and the notes file have no relationship to each other. Yes, my password is: But can you do note on PDFs, as for grading or correcting manuscripts?

There is very long delays between key presses and typing the selected char. The erase button gives you a small, medium, or large eraser to wipe awus away. If they put a limited budget on working with the firmware which seems to be the caseI think they should fokus on making the main functionality snappy and internationalized.

After you hit capture, you are given the option to cancel or save an image. While we were unable to run an automated battery test on the device, it sipped power very slowly in our usage, lasting several hours even after we started at only 40 percent of charge.

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Asus Eee Note

Log in or Sign up. Rotating the device does nothing. The EA has a picture quality of around 2 Mega Pixels and looks tremendous when you are taking pictures. Not the e-ink display of a kindle or nook but looks just as good to me. I use it for work taking interview notes. I have high hopes that it will be good in the note taking department. Instead, the Eee Note tries to carve out a niche by being part e-reader and part smartphone on steroids.


The Export button up arrow saves your document to the SD card, though there’s a save button on the bottom menu for making sure it is saved to internal memory. It’s aimed quite squarely at business folk, writers and students, to the extent that, if you aren’t one of the above, you may as well stop reading. There is a second way of adding notes which Asus calls sticky memo which uses a virtual keyboard and the notes are displayed in the way of a virtual Post-It note.

ASUS Eee Note EA 4GB, Wi-Fi, 8in – Black | eBay

We won an ee note at new year raffle and live in Taiwan however we are not able to get the english software. However, in the Mandarin ROM, they worked as ew800 but were a bit of a nuisance; we accidentally hit the home key with our wrist a few times while writing notes. I’ll wait next eeNote. December 30th, at