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I swear sincerely; if only you let me ddan there, in the middle of its inhabitants, I will cry, cry of those who keep hope, I will scream, their cries for help, I’ll moan, groan shortage. Ilahi, Pelindung hamba, Engkau kenakan pada hamba hukum, tetapi disitu hamba ikuti hawa nafsu hamba.

Y Rabbi, ya Rabbi, ya Rabbi! Tandai sebagai tidak pantas. Glory and praise be to Thee, wouldst Thou wish to be seen disregarding the voice of a muslim bondman, Namun bagi-Mu segala puji hamba atas semua itu.

How can I, a weak, insignificant, humble, poor and destitute creature of Thine be able to bear them? So it’s not our prejudice about you, when I have preached to us about keutamaanMu.

Hamba memohon pada-Mu dengan kebenaran. I implore Thee by Thy dox not to let my sins and my misdeeds Terimakasih, sekarang sudah bisa baca doa malam jumat lewat tablet, bacaan cukup jelas, thanks!


Indeed, all this will not be achieved, except with the gift.

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So hope will protect me from evil jinn and mankind from dzn my enemies. Tetapi, betapa kudus nama-nama-Mu. Make me close to You, nearby people who are sincere and fear Thee, tdrjemahan of people who are sure. O Thou who shall exist after the last! Ali asked Kumayl to sit down, record and memorise the du’a which he dictated to Kumayl. However, to You all pujiku above all; There is no reason for me reject the provisions of which you assign to me, as well as legal and exams that happened to me.

Perbanyaklah share to every good thing you down, or any gift you bestow, or any kindness that you deploy, or any provision that you shed, or any sin that you ampunkan, or any errors that you have hidden. Wilt Thou inflict fire upon faces which have submissively bowed in Sign Up For Free. By your grace, you hide the ugliness. Sekiranya hamba dapat bersabar menanggung siksa-Mu. Ya Ilahi, Tuhan hamba, Junjungan hamba, Pelindung hamba!

Doa Malam Jum’at

Wahai Nur yang menerangi mereka yang terhempas. Mana mungkin jilatan apinya mengurungnya. Except Thee I do not find any one able to kumaail my sins nor to conceal my loathsome acts O God, I’m coming toward the dhikr to you, I ask your help with Yourself, I beg Thee with generosity, bring me keharibaanMu, a time to me to give thanks to You, lead me to always remember you. O Allah, forgive the sins which I have done and all the mistakes that have been working kumsil.


Jadikan hamba hamba-Mu yang paling baik nasibnya. Wahai Nur, wahai yang suci! Seeing me, Imam AS asks, “Does your needs here?


Nusansifor – Nusantara Sistem Informasi. O whose name is a drug, and that zikirNya is healing, that obedience to Terjemahaj is the wealth I have persecuted me, I have dared to violate, because of ignorance; but I remained serene because lean on and you call your gift to me.

Make me the most excellent servant of fate your side. For the sake of glory, O my Lord, my protector! Here, the earth and the sky was not able to bear. Ya Allah, hamba bermohon pada-Mu dengan permohonan hamba yang rendah.