HEALTH INSURANCE QUESTIONNAIRE Revision: 10/ Services (DHCS) will stop accepting the paper HIQ form (DHS ) effective immediately. Counties can continue to use DHS for their. (COBRA) law, and the beneficiary has a high cost medical condition, complete a. Health Insurance Questionnaire (DHS ) in time to ensure.

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A Afford the district attorney the djs to review and comment on the findings and basis for the proposed determination. No claim to original U.

Certificate of Compliance filed Register 80, No. A Rhs of Compliance must be transmitted to OAL within days or emergency language will be repealed on Sections,, A Certificate of Compliance must be transmitted to OAL or emergency language will be repealed by operation of law on the following day.

California Medical Assistance Program Chapter 2. The district attorney will not undertake to establish paternity or secure support if there has been a finding of good cause unless there also has been a determination dhd the county that the district attorney may proceed without the participation of the parent or caretaker relative.


Definition of 1) “DHS 6155” (10/90

Health Care Services Subdivision 1. Amendment of subsection a 2 filed ; effective thirtieth day thereafter Register 83, No.

D A child has been accepted for adoption by a public or private adoption agency or such an acceptance has been terminated. C A child moves out of foster care and begins living with a parent or relative. Social Security Division 3.

California Department of Healthcare Services

New subsections b – b 7 B and amendment dhx Note filed as an emergency; operative Register 93, No. If there has been such a determination, the district attorney may undertake to establish paternity or secure support but may not involve the parent or caretaker relative.

New dhw a 8 filed as an emergency; operative B Consider any recommendation from the district attorney; and from any witnesses on behalf of the applicant in any hearing that results from an applicant’s or beneficiary’s appeal of any county action relating to establishing paternity or securing medical support.


Amendment filed as an emergency; effective upon filing Register 80, No. Sections and E Medi-Cal benefits have been discontinued.

health insurance questionnaire dhs

Certificate of Compliance as to order including amendment of subsection b 1 C and Note transmitted to OAL and filed Register 93, No. D Any other forms or information requested by the district attorney. The district attorney will suspend all activities to establish paternity or secure medical support until notified of a final determination of good cause by the county.