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Is the Commission aware of credible reports of the influence of organised crime on government in Croatia, of widespread corruption, of suppression of the media, and of trafficking in drugs, weapons and people via Croatia? Abortion law in the Republic of Ireland. Canada has advocated the single transformation rule, as its supply chain is included in the North American Free Trade Agreement and a substantial proportion of the supplies are made in Asia. Corte nos apoios aos bancos alimentares.

The Commission is not aware of cases of usage of hazardous waste decteto the biogas plants in Netherlands or in other EU Member States. For EU initiatives to be effective on the ground, their implementation requires reliable monitoring.

As MEPs have voted to introduce a unified patent system, concerns have been raised by some countries over possible language-related discrimination.

As gambling is an area that falls within the strict competence of the Member States, safeguarding the due limits, as has been widely recognised by the Court of Justice of the European Union and underlined by the Council and Parliament, how does the Commission intend to clarify the legal framework of online gambling?

According to a forecast by the Centre of Automotive Management, the situation in Europe is likely only to deteriorate further in It is a precondition for a possible direct recapitalisation of banks by the ESM.


In this administration the managers are subject to performance targets and regular assessments. For many years, the Astroturistika Astrofili association has been dealing with the scientific and cultural popularisation of astronomy. Access to rail transport for wheelchair passengers in the EU.

As it is the case today under EU-OPS, the revised FTL rules would be without prejudice to more protective social legislation, including stringent collective labour agreements. Such events have unfortunately become common. The European Union has rules in place on fishing net sizes, but bycatch remains a problem. Call for the Commission to monitor the waste involved in the bridge over the Straits of Messina. The Commission actively works to encourage the merit-based selection of the heads of major public organisations in Greece.

Benefits and inconveniences of using European Summer Time. Furthermore, the Commission notes that, while investment in agriculture is crucial, efforts also need to be made to address under-nutrition.

Glasgow – United Kingdom

The International Organisation for Migration IOM recently revealed that the economic crisis is causing a reversal in migration between Europe decrfto Latin America, which in recent years has become the destination of choice for young Europeans.

EU rules for the publication of documents. The decision whether the Forestry measures are included in the Rural Development Programmes depends on each Member State. The release of new economic indicators or data revisions might entail a revision of an economic forecast.

The Commission shares the Honourable Member’s view that fragmentation of the euro-area financial decreot is a source of concern. They are not obliged therefore to adapt 1733 own tax systems to the different systems of taxation of the other Member States in order, inter aliato eliminate the double taxation arising from the exercise in parallel by those States of their fiscal sovereignty.

One of the goals of the reform of the common agricultural policy is to better recognise and to further encourage sustainable agriculture.

The elimination of such double taxation facilitates the smooth functioning of the internal market, but there is no obligation on Member States to do so. These measures will provide planning and financial tools to support the local and national authorities in their efforts to adapt the TEN-T ports to the challenges of the sector, notably that TEN-T ports are connected with railways, and as far as the ports of the core network are concerned to develop infrastructure to provide alternative clean fuels to ships.


North Korea claims that this was a peaceful satellite launch, but it has sparked widespread fears of renewed North Korean military action. Wie soll sichergestellt werden, dass sich diese Probleme nicht vecreto den Linienbusverkehr auswirken?

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Further possible sanctions against North Korea. Wird die Kommission nun ihrerseits einen Vorschlag unterbreiten? Exactly the same argument has been presented by a Danish EU expert, 1733 this claim was disputed shortly afterwards by the Danish public service radio station, Danmarks Radio DR. The safety of cableway installations existing before this date is governed by national legislation.

decfeto Finally, in line with the recently adopted EU-CELAC Summit Declaration, the Commission aims to address the challenges of the ever changing migration flows between the two regions, based on relevant facts and information. This window is three times longer than that recommended by scientists.

There are a number of structural transformations taking place in the European Union’s automotive industry, mainly as a result of the present macroeconomic ddecreto, most of which are related to structural overcapacity. The PEAD will cease to comenatdo at the end of and will be replaced by a new fund to support the most deprived EU citizens. The opinion of the European Parliament is still outstanding.

The communication offers guidance to Member States on how best to use EU financial support, notably from the European Social Fund, to implement the outlined objectives.