Advance Praise for Crossing the Rubicon Astounding! Alarming! And yet at last , with this — Mike Ruppert’s beyond-courageous offering — we gain sight of the. Crossing the Rubicon. The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil by Michael Ruppert. best book for the how and why of 9/ related page. Michael Craig Ruppert (February 3, – April 13, ) was an American writer and Ruppert is the author of Crossing The Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil, published in September Crossing.

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Looking through Ruppert’s footnotes, you’ll find a significant amount of secondary citations. Forget about the grainy captured-from-TV video clips you’ve squinted at on various web sites. I have bought copies and given them away. LikeI came out of this book with a completely different mindset. September 11th was mass murder and those responsible are still sitting in seats of power.


Book Review: Crossing The Rubicon

The decline of American Empire at the end of the age of oil, says it all. It certainly changed the way I view any government report or statistic, and question anything they do.

And the suggestion was thus, the Taliban when they came into power brought an end to the planting of Ruppegt poppies throughout the country, and Afghanistan is the worlds major supplier of opium. After two and a half years of research and writing, Ruppert said: I don’t know who to believe on this one, as it is hard for me to verify myself.

Washington sources later told Mike that Deutch’s mishandling of the encounter cost him a guaranteed appointment as Secretary of Defense. Bush’s blood brother Skull vs.


excerpts from the book Crossing the Rubicon by Michael C. Ruppert

Judge the evidence for yourself. Peak Energy in US: I went on line to check some things because I was so jaw droopingly amazed. He asked Ashcroft rupperrt appear before the Judiciary Committee and to respond in writing by November Mike Ruppert has game when it comes to writing.

Fasten your thinking caps!

Michael Ruppert – Wikipedia

Oct 09, Mason rated it really liked it. After leaving CollapseNet, Ruppert moved to Crestone, Colorado and pursued Native American and indigenous teachings adopting the name “Tracker of Truth” and started putting more time into music, recording with the band New White Trashdescribed as a “downtempo acoustic rock outfit”. Chertoff Intel Chief Negroponte. Some truth, but mostly its an exaggeration of governmental powers. FTW is now read by more than 4, subscribers in 32 countries including 20 members of the US Congress and professors at 15 universities in the US and Canada.

Sort of reminiscent of Philip Marshall’s death, no? Ruppert is the author of Crossing The Rubicon: It very much appears that Michael Ruppert did his homework in writing this crossinb, given the facts that he presents to justify the conclusions he makes. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants.

This is the scariest thing I’ve ever read. I spent twenty-seven years as a dedicated public activist and that is something which I am no longer able or inclined to do. This is about as serious as it gets. Not to be confused with Michael Rupert.

Michael Ruppert

Please try again later. It was far, far, greater than even he imagined. Trivia About Crossing the Rubi Rublcon is exhaustive in what he shows. His work tracking corruption in our government since the ‘s put him rubucon a position to track all the inside workings needed to present a jury ready case against the Bush administration. Part of three books recommended to read by a professor of economics, regarding the eventual and inevitable failure of the US economy, and what to do with money now while the dollar is still worth something.


And it has some interesting ideas. Indeed, given enough dots, one can connect any kind of picture one wants.

More than anything, he collected and created a reference work of primary sources for continued research. If you want to understand the dynamics of the oil-money-drugs-and-war imperial system in which ghe are all embedded, start with this book. Albert Allen Bartlett Colin J. Ruppert believes with ample documentation to justify his view that depletion dynamics will fuel energy price appreciation more in this cycle than any rubiicon one. The writing is a bit flawed and long but not the content.

I don’t know who to believe on this one, as This is the best book that I have read on the subject of Full of key stories and details in the great puzzle, it suffers from the defect of promoting peak oil, which is itself a likely scam. rubocon

Learn more about Amazon Guppert. Mike Ruppert uses the operative word to describe the Cheney-Bush regime, that of Empire, an all-encompassing octopus-like power grab at world preeminence at the expense of international order. Millions of Americans no longer believe the official story line sold to the American people crossimg September 11th. Those who choose to ignore this book and the succinct, raw presentation by Ruppert are those who are afraid to face what might be the truth.