Continuity of Parks (a translation). Translated by Alan Pagliere​ from the original by Julio Cortázar Read the original at Biblioteca Digital Ciudad Seva. He had. THE CONTINUITY OF PARKS. BY JULIO CORTÁZAR. H. E HAD BEGUN TO READ THE NOVEL. a few days before. He had. put it aside because of some. Cortazar’s “The Continuity of Parks” plays on the philosophical movement of Idealism. The movement comments on the power of the mind.

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I had to read this story 3 times before I really understood what was going on. A quick and dirty summary for those of us who have not read it. A man appearing of status and wealth is reading a book in a green chair.

The book is about a lady and her lover; we can assume they are not supposed to be together. The lover is planing on murdering a man is sitting in a green chair, just like what the man reading the book is sitting in. There is a lot going on with just 3 pages. I wanted to focus on the title because I typically underestimate the role it plays in a piece of literature. First, lets look at Continuity World English Dictionary defines continuity as: My mind visually defines continuity as: All of these stair cases blend together.


There is order and cohesion between all of them. Windows and doors are sideways, stairs lead to no where, people are sitting on what should be walls. What appears to be continuous, is not. Like the picture above, at a first pagks it is one, continuous story.

Continuidad de los parques – Wikipedia

A man reading reading a book somehow becomes a victim of murder within that book. Let us think about Parks. I believe, in context, the correction dentition is: The man reading the book likes to look out at a park with oak trees as he reads. The book he is reading takes place in a cabin within a many trees. This being said, the setting for reality and fiction blend together.

There is a connection between the two worlds. A continuity of setting makes the distinction between fantasy and reality even harder to make.

Continuity of Parks (a translation) | Alan Pagliere

When I read a story, I embrace the main character. I believe I am that person for the duration of my time reading a story. For example, I read all 7 Harry Potter books within the first 3 months of college. Whenever I was in between books, my mind would wander to the boy fortazar a distinct scar.

I found myself having a quick temper like Harry had in book 3 or 4 or was ccortazar 5? They all blend together now My dreams would be filled of Voldemort versus Harry battles on a regular basis.


I was always Harry of course. Hey, it was a dream. I can just disapparate into class. He plays on that knowledge to think about this confusing, Continuity of Park setting between reality and fiction.

February 21, at 6: I also had hard time understanding this story when I first read it: I like how you say that Cortazar uses continuity paradoxically. I like how you say the author uses continuity paradoxically.

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Continuidad de los parques

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