A Child of Sorrow is a novel by the Filipino author Zoilo Galang. It is considered the first Philippine novel written in English. Critics have suggested that the. Jan 11, Biographical Approach in the story “A child of Sorrow” by Zoilo Galang Presented by Yamo, Jimar M. Mar 31, “A Child of Sorrow” by Zoilo Galang (Analysis) SUMMARY It was summer in April in the Fertile Valley when Lucio and Camilo had prepared for.

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Galang himself, edited and wrote entries for the book set which covered Philippine literature, biography, commerce and industry, art, education, religion, government, science, history and builders of the new Aglang. But whatever, I will always treasure my old encyclopedia books, still complete and intact after all these 40 odd years, a valued part of my education, in a time when books were held dear by the hand and not read on screens. Filipino encyclopedist and the 1st English-language Filipino novelist.

Their story ended up tragically and encountered almost all sorts of hindrances.

A Child of Sorrow by Zoilo Galang

This makes the story eternal and timeless; from being in love at a young age, to the issues of fixed marriage, up to the societal issues such as bribery. Based on the novel, I can guess, though it was not written in his biography, that Mr. He graduated from Bacolor Elementary School and he was also a product of Escuela de Derecho, a prestigious law school in the country, where he graduated in She held the editorial post for over two decades.


Jully May added it Jul 04, The way chuld author writes the order of scenes, I can say that some of the scenes can be a little bit predictable, which can also be manifested in teleseryes in the modern times.

At the end, Rosa died. Although she only had one more published short story after “Dead Stars” entitled “A Night in the Hills,” she made her mark in Philippine literature because the former is considered the first modern Philippine short story.

But his greatest opus undoubtedly is the Encyclopedia of the Philippines, which began as a 10 volume set when first printed.

Ferren Rose rated it did not like it Mar 06, The response to my humble work was overwhelming; the book is now out of print. Romy Concepcion marked it as to-read Sep 16, And it’s very evident in the notion of the novel about marriage, according to Wikipedia, ” Many other circumstances came to test the love of Rosa and Lucio. Inshe founded “Woman’s Home Journal,” the first women’s magazine in the country. Clarice Anne Talaboc rated it it was ok Oct 22, Lyn Moreno marked it as to-read Nov 23, He graduated at Pampanga High School and studied law but did not sorrpw it.

A Child of Sorrow by Zoilo Galang

After a zoill of days, they met again, pushing Lucio to confess his love for Rosa. Online, one can not only add, update and correct information but also post a variety of visual references. I can even say that sorros is a possibility that this novel can be a revised or even an identical version of his own love story. He also took up special courses at the University of the Philippines inthen went to Columbia University for further studies.


There, he met Rosa- the prettiest woman in that town. He was the first Filipino novelist who use English as a ga,ang. Franz Lerdan marked it as to-read Mar 15, Unknown BindingFirst Edition. Besides, there was Oscar who gave several quakes to their strong ties. She was helpless that time like a gazelle in the teeth of a lion.

The scenes in the story are still seen in the present times, though it has fhild written in the past.

Literary Analysis: Child of sorrow

Their story ended up tragically and encountered almost all sorts of hindrances. The novel was set in Merrytown one summer in the month of April.

Sorrow is already part of our system but only felt if triggered, right? Santos and Francisco Arcellana. The story revolves around two lovers, Rosa and Lucio, who had undergone a lot of tribulations in their relationship.