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The high speed data stream of this nature permits the downloading of the substantial light unit cue information in a very short period of time. The repeater 52 is designed to handle high speed data transmission through the paths 38 and 40 which are preferably 50 ohm transmission lines. When the communications manager program has accomplished the transmission of the message, or has enqueued the message for future transmission, it returns by way of the response routine program and switch input sensing program to the main sequencer.

On an indication of the completed processing of the read command, i. The impeded motion of a lamp unit within its range of movement will be deduced when the motor motion fails to produce a corresponding movement of the lamp. As noted above, the command interpreter is activated naviyator connection with communications between the console processor and the lamp unit processor.

A typical installation for a computer controlled lighting system 20 in accordance with the present invention is illustrated in FIG. The path 40 is directed to the control console 24 or to ceco receiver section of a further repeater, such as repeater The path 40 provides data communication from each of the lamp units in the system 20 back to the control console Cue numbers are entered at the console 24 through a key pad This packet of data is necessary to the lamp unit to allow it to respond properly to subsequent console commands.

A rewind command is dispatched to the cue data manager program to clear the invalid cue data.

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Other advantages of the present invention will become apparent in the following Detailed Description taken with the accompanying Drawings. Seems like there should be an unwritten rule for this. I can punt moving lites on 12 faders, but I cannot use the conventionals tonite. The network state control program maintains management over the connection or disconnection of lamp units to the network.


As noted above, the communication path between the console and the lamp units are full duplex paths, i. The owners didn’t bother to buy a proper console one can rock on. Likewise a floppy disk drive controller is connected to operate the floppy disk drive and is further connected to the data bus and the address bus Other stage action effects may additionally be controlled by the console The output of the buffer is provided to the address bus The character display control program provides a common control interface for the response routines.

The disk data manger maintains an account of those parts of the disk currently being used, and determines the actions needed to access specific file fragments requested by the file manager.

The sharing of tasks between the console and lamp units also results in an increase in the speed to change a system parameter. Moreover, this block of data is combined with four bytes of data representing the operator assigned number for the cue. As noted above, the identification code is established by a digit switch initially set to provide a unique address for the lamp unit within the communication network.

The faders are essentially resistive potentiometers, and the sensing of the linear motion thereof is accomplished by analog to digital converters. After this final program setup, the initialization script is terminated, and processing continues within the main sequencer loop until the occurrence of one of the activation criteria, described above.

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Once the particular lamp unit has replied to the status read message, the communications manager returns to the lamp status scanning program with the message received. This is to be distinguished from the system according to an embodiment of the present invention which is configured such that the console reads its control inputs, and upon sensing a change does minimal processing of the changed input such as providing the ordinal number of a switch or the identifier of a fader and transmits this change signal to all lamps units simultaneously, in a single high level message.


On initial power up of the console, the console circuitry is initialized with predetermined internal variables, whereupon the processor enters the main sequencer program.

The data link 26 includes bidirectional paths 38 and In the event the communications address for a lamp unit is changed during operation of the lamp, communications are reestablished with the console in accordance with the new address. Thus, when it is required that a stepper motor change position, the microprocessor produces a control command that is sent as data to the latch These stage devices and the associated control are termed a “Device Control Network”.

These bits represent certain conditions and actions which are prerequisites of the console to recognize a fully operational lamp unit. Communication with the automated lamp units is carried out by use of a direct memory access circuita communications controller and a Manchester encoder This is in contrast to other types of switches which cause activation of the response routine upon being pressed or released.

The data link 26 has the transmit and receive lines thereof connected through respective amplifiers and A group of key switches provide for the entry of cue numbers for a first cue. The output from the decoder comprises a group of control signals which are directed to a decoder and further distributed as control commands throughout many of the circuits in the lamp processor system Depending upon the manner in which the physical hardware of each lamp unit is provided with these functions, a corresponding variety of logical control programs will be implemented.

If the console command is of the type which requires no further data transmission from the console, the received data is temporarily stored, and another read command is issued to retrieve the next command sent by the console. Communication is also provided between circuit and controller The disk state manager program monitors the insertion or removal of disks from the disk drives.

The main sequencer loop program itself is an endlessly repeating preset cycle for activation of a variety of subprograms.