– Guidance Note on Money Laundering Risk Assessment . , Banking Circular No 1 of – Prudential Guidelines on Business Continuity. CBK Prudential Guidelines for Institutions Licensed under the Banking Act. Home \ resource. By ICPAK | October 2, | | 0 Comments |. Attachments. CBK PRUDENTIAL GUIDELINES GUIDELINES ON the Central Bank of Kenya to issue guidelines to be adhered to by institutions in order to maintain a.

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Inaugural Annual Branch Summit — Mombasa. Public Finance Management — Coast Branch. Inaugural Regional Accountants Convention.

12 lenders ignore Central Bank of Kenya regulations

Audit Quality Assurance Seminar. Terms of Reference for Committees. Accountants Act 15 of Online Ethics and Compliance Resources. Guidelines on acceptable guidelinrs. Draft proposal — The Accountants Act Public Financial Management Bill. Share of Other Net Asset Changes.

Acquisition of an Interest in a Joint Operation. Clarification of Acceptable Methods of Depreciation and Amortisation. Revenue From Contracts with Customers.

Branch Annual Tax Workshop, Mombasa. Financial Reporting Workshop — Eastern Branch. The Insolvency Bill The Companies Bill Business Registration Service Bill Traffic Amendment Bill Council Circular on Yuidelines of Firms. Firm registration and Licensing.

Illustrative templates for auditors reports. Guideline on Signing Assurance Engagements Dec Fellowship and Commendation Policy. Financial Services Authority Bill — Movable Property Security Rights Bill — Proceeds of Crime Bill.


Controller of Budget Bill Position Papers and Submissions Budget Making and Monitoring. Public Debt Management Brief. Position paper on Budget Policy Statement Research and Thought Leadership.

Paper on Capital Gains Tax in Kenya. Appointment of Interim Manager. Annual License Application Form. Application form for Grant of Practising Certificate.

The Financial Reporting Workshop. Essential issues in Audit. Internal Audit Conference Mombasa. Bad Economics Or Necessary Intervention?

CBK Prudential Guidelines for Institutions Licensed under the Banking Act – ICPAK

Not For Profit Organization. Setting and Achieving Goals and Objectives. The 28th annual seminar. The 28th Annual Seminar. Financial Reporting and Management Conference for Counties. Annual Internal Audit Conference. Enterprise Risk Management Seminar. Management Accounting Conference — National Practitioners Growth Forum.

The Annual Tax Conference. Enterprise Risk Management Seminar 9th to 11th April Forensic Audit Workshop-Kisumu and Kakamega. Annual Budget Review-Kakamega 27th June Annual Budget Guifelines 26th June Audit Staff Training Workshop,13th — 14th Prufential Financial Reporting Workshop- Eldoret. Annual Tax Conference,Mombasa 17th to 19th September. Essential Issues in Auditing: Annual Tax Workshop Presentation Mombasa. Tax Principles Workshop,Nairobithth January Asset Valuation And Impairment Workshop.

Annual Management Accounting Conference. Financial reporting for cooperatives. Guiidelines Reporting Workshopth to 26th June ,Nairobi.

The 31st Annual Seminar,Mombasa 20th to 22nd May Financial Reporting Workshop for Cooperative Societies.


CBK Prudential Guidelines for Institutions Licensed under the Banking Act

Asset Management Jumuia Kisumu. The Annual Internal Audit Conference. Financial Reporting and Management Conference: Finnancial Reporting and Management. Public Finance Management Workshop- Mt. Essentials in Audit Workshop — Coast Branch. Essential Issues in Audit Workshop — 26th to 27th January Tax Principles Workshop Presentations. Guidepines 32nd Annual Seminar. Annual Tax Seminar, Coast Branch Financial Reporting Workshop- Eastern Branch. Forensic Audit Workshop- Coast Branch.

Forensic Audit Cb Mt. Budget Review — Coast Branch.

Annual Branch Tax Seminar, Mombasa. Essential Issues in Audit — Mombasa. Evening Talk, Coast Branch. Annual Practical Ethics Training. The 10th Annual Management Accounting Conference. Annual Internal Audit Conference Audit Quality Assurance Workshop — Mt.

Accountants Professional Ethics Forum Mombasa. Audit Quality Assurance — Northrift. Coast Branch Practitioners Forum.

The 33rd Annual Seminar — 23rd — 26th May FMR — County Governments. The 22nd Annual Guideines Seminar. Audit Staff Training Workshop. Financial Reporting Workshop — Western Branch. Financial Reporting — Nyanza Branch. Financial Reporting- Eastern Branch.