Mini Rev Med Chem. Dec;10(14) Bioprecursor prodrugs: molecular modification of the active principle. Kokil GR(1), Rewatkar PV. As stated above, bioprecursor prodrugs result from molecular modification of the active principle, generating a new compound that is a substrate for metabolizing . Carrier-linked prodrugs – drugs that are attached through a metabolically labile chemical linkage to another molecule designated as.

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To Minimize Toxicity Aspirin: Examples of Pordrug Bipartate Prodrugs B. Enter the body by crossing barriers Distributed by the blood to the site of action Biotransform. Tripartate Prodrugs General strategy Example: OK Pharmacokinetics Chapter 4. Remember me on this computer.

Log In Sign Up. Registration Forgot your password? Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Download ppt “Bioprecursor Prodrugs”. Elimination of Formulation Problems Prodrug for formaldehyde: Reasons for Prodrug 1.

Bipartate prodrug Tripartate prodrug Mutual drug Bioprecusor: Skip to main content. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Examples of Carrier-linked Bipartate Prodrugs A. Oxidative reaction Reductive activation Nucleotide activation Phosphorylation activation Decarboxylation activation More reading materials: Macromolecular Drug Carrier Systems 1. Localize drug to target site 3. Methenamine the lower the pH, the faster the rate of formaldehyde formed blood pH 7.


Protect a non-specific biological environment from a drug Protect a drug from a non-specific biological environment Especially evaluated for drugs with a narrow therapeutic window especially anti-cancer agents.

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Published by Aubrey Johnston Modified over 3 years ago. Disposition of Chemical Compounds.

Bioprecursor Prodrugs

Share buttons are a little bit lower. Minimize host toxicity 5. Oxidative Deamination Nitrogen mustard Activation of cyclophosphamide: What the body does to the drug? Examples of Carrier-linked Bipartate Prodrugs D. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors.

Definition of bioprecursor_prodrug – Chemistry Dictionary

Auth with social network: Prodrug readily transported to the site of action Prodrug is rapidly absorbed at the site Selective and rapid conversion to the active drug Kidney and Liver are easy targets due to high perfusion and high metabolic rates Other tissue sites can be problematic for the same reasons Drug migrate slowly site of action to a site of excretion Ideal situation is VERY complex to achieve Example: Development of high affinity camptothecin-bombesin conjugates which have targeted cytotoxicity for bombesin receptor-containing tumor cells.


Enter prodru email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Biolrecursor drug release 4.

To Encourage Patient Acceptance Sulfa drug: Examples of Carrier-linked Bipartate Prodrugs F. Protect drug until reaching target site 2.

Decarboxylation activation Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, also important in kidneys. Happiness for me is largely a matter of digestion -Lin Yutang.