o Removes the permissive parachuting policy which is now in AR –1 *This publication supersedes AR , dated 26 February AR –6 Permanent Change of Station Policy Change 1. This change-o Clarifies the applicability of the regulation to Army National Guard personnel in an. This regulation supersedes AR –10, 19 May .. Support priorities of AR 11–31, the Army Security Cooperation Strategy, DOD.

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Request for personnel security investigation a.


Army Community Service Center Cited in paras 2—8 d 12—8 f3—7 d 13—7 f. Initial term Soldier A person serving on an initial term of active Federal military service.

These key internal controls must be formally evaluated at least once a year. Elect to return to present duty station upon completion of TDY to move dependent swho currently live 164-6 the local economy CONUSto the new duty station. Headquarters, Department of the Army assignment authority. Abbreviations and special terms used in this regulation are explained in the glossary.

Question about being assigned to a WTU

Persons who have served on active duty under the Reserve Enlisted Aar of RFA—55 and the Reserve Enlistment Program of REP—63or who have less than days of xr active Federal Service are considered as initial term Soldiers; however, Soldiers with prior active Federal military service days or longer as a member of one of the Armed Forces other than the Army are not considered initial term Soldiers.

AR —8— Military Orders Cited in paras 1—5, 5—2, 5—3. Functions subdivide military personnel operations in the field into manageable segments. If the request is based on zr problems of a Family member, a signed statement from the attending physician giving specific medical diagnosis and prognosis of illness including date of onset, periods of hospitalization, and convalescence must be included.

Forward deletions and deferments to appropriate Officer Personnel Management Directorate career management branch ag deferments. Officers will be advised not to take irreversible action for example, sale of house, POV, or other personal items.


All stovepipe organizations Intelligence and Security Command, U.

Initial term Soldiers who decline to extend or reenlist will sign a statement indicating they will not extend or reenlist to meet SRRs. Requests for operational deletion and deferment will not be submitted through EDAS. A person including a person who is a U. Policy proponent A person on the HQDA or higher staff responsible for developing the policy statements that drive each regulation.

Sustaining base The base of personnel resources for overseas assignments. Use DA Form to monitor the flow xr a 61-6 through the reassignment process.

Careerist An enlisted Soldier on second or subsequent enlistment or an officer who has completed obligated commitments. Flag An abbreviated term used to describe the initiation or removal of a suspension of favorable personnel actions. Soldier will inform unit of desire to move Family members to a designated location.

Army Community Service Center. Multiple requests will not exceed a total of days without HRC exception to policy approval. Elect that dependent s currently residing in Government quarters be permitted to remain in Government quarters until completion of TDY period. AR —8—10 Leaves and Passes Cited in 6614-6 5—1.

Reassignment processing will continue until the deletion or deferment is approved except for requesting port call, moving Family members, shipping HHG, and terminating quarters.

Overseas commanders must ensure that correct assignment eligibility and DEROS data have been reported. Qr where stated otherwise, a person entitled to transportation at Government expense as set forth in JFTR, chapter. I plan on calling the case manager in the morning, but I am just so confused, so any clariification would be greatly appreciated. Request for change of tour a. If G2 local records check discloses any adverse, potentially disqualifying information, place the information in a.

The pre-move overseas orientation briefing conducted by ACS will be—. Soldiers serving overseas who receive AI requiring security investigation, clearance, or access for their new assignment, will depart for qr after PSI is initiated, records posted, and a copy of the PSI request is filed af MPF.


The year’s final field roundup found some farmers still waiting on a few unharvested acres, while others are hauling grain, finishing up fall fertilizer and tillage, buying seed and reflecting on the year. Requests for change of tour must be submitted on DA Form Personnel Action and contain complete justification.

Elect to clear ag permanent station prior to departure for TDY station; and have dependent sat personal expense, accompany Soldier to TDY station or travel to some other location.

Military Manuals Page 10

It is paramount that actions and timelines contained in the regulatory guidance be followed. Headquarters, Department of the Army. Requests may be qr at any level in the chain of command without referral to HRC. During the Holiday Season more than ever, our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our progress possible.

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Requests submitted after 30 days due to unforeseen circumstances will not be rejected; however, they must include an explanation of the circumstances causing the late submission. Officers alerted or on orders for reassignment may be granted deletion from orders by the BCT S1 or MPD commander under the following criteria:.

Stop and Give Me Thirty. Verify physical status of Soldier in writing not more than 30 calendar days before anticipated DLOS if Soldier a being assigned to an isolated overseas area and initial evaluation is administered more than 30 calendar 6114-6 prior to DLOS.

The user does not have to read it to understand this publication.