Ontologia e metafisica. Achille C. Varzi. Columbia University, New York. [ Pubblicato in Storia della Filosofia Analitica, a cura di Franca D’Agostini e Nicla. A critical survey of topics that play a central role in contemporary analytic ontology and metaphysics, including, identity, persistence through time, the problem of. Ontologia has 8 ratings and 0 reviews. È possibile, e come è possibile, fare un inventario di tutto ciò che esiste?Che cosa esiste? A questa domanda, u.

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Saggi in onore di Mariano Bianca, Milan, Mimesis,pp. Parts, Counterparts, and Modal Occurrents more. We learn how to act and to predict. The concluding chapters deal with applications to topics as diverse as the logical analysis of movement and the semantics of maps.

Giardino on inductive reasoning, spatial representation, and problem solvingAchiille. Our concern is mostly methodological: Valentina Braido achilke it really liked it Sep 17, And what differentiates a material object such as a vase from entities of different sort, such as the actions of the potter or her intentions?

The Naming of Facts more. Such marvelous unfolding is the subject of much inquiry by psychologists and biologists, and eventually by sociologists.

Australasian Journal of Philosophy. That Useless Time Machine more. How to write a great review. Giornale di Metafisica 29 2: Ontologiz ; identity and individuation D.

Ontologia : Achille C. Varzi :

A discussion of some philosophical themes in the Terminator film series, including: We also argue that h is stronger than convex hull operators from existing axiomatizations and show how to derive the latter from our axioms for s. Bozzetti in memoria di Paolo Bozzi [Rivista di achillw more. As it turns out, neither constraint can fully be met, among other reasons because notologia relevant notion of randomness is either vacuous or undecidable.


Universalism Entails Extensionalism more. Armstrongand causation B.

Sistemi intelligenti, 15— This distinction carries with it a natural thought, namely, that ontology is in some way prior to metaphysics.

How does that work?

Tye has objected convincingly that this is too strong: Varzi – – Giornale di Metafisica 29 2: The former alternative is by far varzk popular, but I argue in favor of the latter, for i it does not suffer from a number of serious objections, and ii it makes it possible to restore global validity as a defined notion. The table is on the carpet; hence the carpet is under the table.

Temporal Parts [The Monist] more. The Doctrine of Potential Parts says that proper undetached parts are merely potential entities, entities that do not exist but would exist if they were detached from the rest. Are they genuine ontological disagreements, as opposed to merely verbal contretemps? Erika Guetti suca marked it as to-read Sep 18, Sul confine tra ontologia e metafisica more.

Ratings and Reviews 0 0 star ratings 0 reviews. Silvia Agar rated it really liked it Apr 13, Which is the correct answer? Tappenden on the carzi influences on Frege’s doctrinesA. aachille


B5— Metaontology, Misc in Metaphysics. Achillle are objects tied to the space they occupy? This may not be a problem when we play for fun. Log In Sign Up. They could, however, be true, and the Reader is invited to ponder this. Varzi has made notable contributions to the fields of philosophical logic mainly vagueness, supervaluationism, paraconsistency, formal semantics and metaphysics mainly mereology and mereotopology, causation, events, and issues relating to identity and persistence through time.

Kluwer Academic Publishers Publication Date: Sul confine tra ontologia e metafisica.

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Other strategies for generalizing supervaluations are considered and some comparative facts are discussed.

Can these questions be addressed in a general setting, or are they intrinsically unanswerable except within specific frameworks of reference e. Alberto Trombetta rated it liked it Feb 14, Calemi on the predication principle and metalinguistic nominalismC. Logic and Logical Philosophy, Graziani on mereological notationP. First I show how to interpret modal talk extensionally within the theory of modal occurrents. Are we learning to make out the structure of the world, or are we endowing the world with a structure of our making?