ABSITE Killer PlusBasic Science General Null hypothesis = “no difference exists”; Type I Error – reject null hypothesis inc. ABSITE Killer Plus. Basic Science. General. Null hypothesis = “no difference exists”; Type I Error – reject null hypothesis incorrectly; Type II Error = accept null . Buy ABSITE KILLER ORGANIZED BY TOPIC: Read Kindle Store Reviews –

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Left absitr anterior gives hepatic branch, Right posterior gives celiac branch and “criminal nerve of Grassi”.

Medullary thyroid cancer Patient with family history of MEN who has ret proto-oncogene should have total thyroidectomy. Protein S helps protein C What is the only clotting factor not made in the liver? Gastrograffin enema – diagnostic and therapeutic How does necrotizing enterocolitis in a newborn present?

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Squamous cell AKA epidermal, basaloid, cloacogenic, absietAdenocarcinoma, and melanoma What is the treatment for a low T2 rectal carcinoma? Anorexia, glycolysis, and lipolysis What is batson’s plexus, and what is it’s significance?

Hirschsprung disease – no BM in first 24 hrs, diagnose with rectal bx What is the treatment for a meconium ileus? PTX occurring in temporal relation to menstruation, pous by endometrial implants in visceral lung pleura. Attracts fibroblasts and increases smooth muscle to speed matrix deposition and collagen formation What is the main source of TNF? Specialized macrophages in the liver responsible for clearing portal blood and immunosurveillance.


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Absite killer plus Question Answer What is the source of fever in atelectasis? Rx with danazol, OCP, evening primrose oil, tamoxifen?

All muscle of larynx except cricothyroid What is the embryologic origin of the parathyroids? Hyperosmotic load, fluid shift causes neuroendocrine response, peripheral and splanchnic vasodilation.

Superior from 4th pharngeal pouch, inferior from 3rd; both receive blood supply from inferior thyroid artery What electrolyte abnormalities are present in primary hyperparathyroidism? Double bubble on x-ray. Ventricular septal defect Which hormones are involved in paraneoplastic syndromes of: Herceptin now available for Rx. Hypocalcemia and hypomagnesemia How does magnesium affect calcium?

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Rate limiting step in cholesterol formation in liver, steroid precursor: Avoid by making tracheostomy no lower than 3rd tracheal ring. What is the difference between these types of peripheral nerve abeite Risk of emboli and thrombosis, so operate exclude and bypass Visceral aneurysms: Deep forearm flexor compartment syndrome, need fasciotomy. Wide local excision, rarely mastectomy. Inflates 40 msec before T wave, deflates kil,er p wave.


What is the cause of unilateral nasal obstruction and recurrent epistaxis in a teen male? Intra- and Extrahepatic cysts Caroli’s disease.

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Bromocriptineor transsphenoidal resection Sheehan syndrome: Orchiectomy via inguinal incision. Neuropraxis – focal demyelination, improves Axonotmesis – loss of axon continuity nerve and sheath intact. Hypotension What is the optimal treatment for bleeding gastric varices in chronic pancreatitis?

Aminoglycosides gentamicin, neomycin, tobramycin What is the abskte depolarizing neuromuscular blocker used? What does manometry showing normal LES tone but strong unorganized contractions suggest?

Dupuytren’s contracture of palmar fascia: ADH, Oxytocin What is the classic vision change with pituitary mass effect? VACTERL – vertebral, anal atresia, cardiovascular, TEF, esophageal atresia, renal, limb defects – structures derived from embryonic mesoderm What is the 1 cause of a colon obstruction in a newborn?