Written by Coelius Sedulius (d c ) in iambic dimeter. This hymn, which is used for Lauds during the Christmas season, is the first seven verses of a much. A solis ortus cardine (Gregorian Chant) Work Title, Hymnus A Solis Ortus Cardine. Alternative. Title. Composer, Gregorian Chant. I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat . Information about the hymn tune A SOLIS ORTUS CARDINE.

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A four-part setting of A solis ortus cardinewith the plainchant in the tenor, is annotated at the bottom of two pages from an early sixteenth century collection of madrigals and hymns in the Royal Library of Henry VIII MS Royal Appendix Cardind ostis herodes impie, christum venire quid times?

These verses narrate the story of Herod the Great and the Three Kingsalong with the Baptism of Christ and the miracle at the wedding at Cana. This page was last edited on 19 Octoberat Sedulius called his poem Paean Alphabeticus de Christo. S olutus omni corpore iussus repente surgere, suis vicissim gressibus aeger vehebat lectulum. Articles containing German-language text Commons category link is on Wikidata.

Retrieved 11 June This famous hymn was written by Caelius Sedulius d. Its numerous embellishments were later simplified, though most of them survive, even in Luther’s versions.

Views Read Edit View history. The Blessed Creator of the world, Took a docile body, So that, by the flesh He could liberate flesh, Saving from loss what He had made.

A solis ortus cardine (Gregorian Chant)

From the rising of the sun to the ends of the earth, let us sing of Christ the Prince, born of the Virgin Mary. Z elum draconis invidi et os leonis pessimi calcavit unicus dei seseque caelis reddidit. Your browser does not support the audio element. Streams of flowing gore were stopped, With one touch to His robes; The running tears of the suppliant Dried up the torrents of blood. M iraculis dedit fidem habere se deum patrem, infirma sanans corpora et suscitans cadavera.


A little milk His infant fare Who feedeth even each fowl of air. And she, as earthly bride unknown, Yet call that Offspring blest her own.

An almost syllabic version is in use in the modern Catholic liturgy. The pure and undefiled one Conceived in her womb the Son. Christian liturgical music Christmas carols 5th-century poems Latin poems. In the Catholic Liturgy of the Hoursthe eight verse “A solis ortus” and the five verse “Hostis Herodes” appear in the Latin original. A solis ortus cardine ad usque terrae limitem christum canamus principem, natum maria virgine. Gaudet chorus celestium, Et angeli canunt Deum, Palamque fit pastoribus, Pastor creator omnium.


Privacy policy About ChoralWiki Disclaimers. Their early-church melody dates to the 5th century, beginning ortis the Dorian mode and ending in the Phrygian mode. Beatus auctor seculi, Servile corpus induit, Ut carne carnem liberans, Non perderet, quos condidit. To greet His birth the Wise Men went, led by the star before them sent; called on by light, towards Light they pressed, and by their gifts their God confessed.

Written by Coelius Sedulius d c in iambic dimeter. The heavenly choir was glad And angels of God’s coming sang, To the shepherds they did unfold The Shepherd and Maker of all things. A solis in Glarean’s Dodecachordon. He bore with lying in the hay, He did not scorn the manger, And on a little milk He fed, Who let no bird in want of food.

A solis ortus cardine – Wikipedia

A solis ortus cardine is a Latin hymn, written in the first half of the fifth century by the early Christian poet Sedulius. Web page content is available under the CPDL copyright license ; please see individual editions for their copyright terms. He lives, He lies no longer in the tomb. Luther translated the first seven verses into the hymn ” Christum wir sollen loben schon “, which long remained the main German Protestant Christmas hymn until the new Evangelisches Gesangbuch of the s, in which it did not appear.


He who is the King of Kings and Almighty Creator of all the universe condescends to walk amongst sinful men, living and dying so that we may be redeemed by Him. The mansion of the modest breast Becomes a shrine where God shall rest: As Sabbath passed, anointing myrrh Was brought by women of His fellowship To whom an angel said: The manger and the straw He bore, The cradle did He not abhor: English translation From the rising of the sun to the ends of the earth, let us sing of Christ the Prince, born of the Virgin Mary.

The pure and undefiled one Conceived in her womb the Son. Languages Deutsch Nederlands Svenska Edit links.

Texts Latin texts Translations English translations Translations with attribution Hungarian translations Dutch translations German translations Text pages. The abecedarius recounts in 23 quatrains of iambic dimeter the nativity, miracles and passion of Christ. Q uarta die iam fetidus vitam recepit lazarus mortisque liber vinculis factus superstes est sibi.

In Palestrina set the odd verses A,C,E,G in Hymni totius anni secundum Sanctae Romanae Ecclesiae consuetudinem, necnon hymni religionuma collection of hymns composed for the Vatican ; liturgical practice was for the even verses to be sung in Gregorian plainchant.

The mansion of the modest breast Becomes a shrine where God shall rest: Retrieved from ” https: Beatus auctor saeculi Servile corpus induit, Ut carne carnem liberans Non perderet quod condidit.