Below you will find free PDF files for select years of your Honda Civic Sedan automobile HONDA CIVIC SEDAN DX, EX, EX-L & SI OWNER’S MANUAL. HONDA CIVIC SEDAN OWNERS MANUAL Loads of information, covers a lot, no missing pages, great manual to have when owning a CIVIC SEDAN and. Workshop and owners manuals for the Honda Civic. To read online or Covers Honda Civic to Read Sedan Owners Manual (Dx, Ex, L, Si) ().

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These files contain ciivic information about your vehicle, and can be downloaded, searched, and printed. However, they are both totally intact, no missing pages, and ready to add to your classic Second Generation Civic! After this dries, apply the touch-up paint. Page 17 Do not modify your steering wheel uninflated airbags can be dangerous.

Audio System CD Error Indications If you see an error indication on the display, find the cause in the sedzn to the right. Storing Your Car Block the rear wheels.

Honda Civic

For inflated for only an instant and do panel. Gas Station Information kPa 4. Got one to sell? Charging System Indication Immediately turn off all electrical By eliminating as much of the accessories: A summary of the warranties covering your new Honda, and how to contact us. Adjust the warmth of the air with the temperature control lever.


They may need to You should replace them with be rebalanced at some time before radial tires of the same size, load Front they are worn out. There is or might be some bends, creases, etc. Washer, Windshield Checking the Fluid Level. Determine from the chart on pages and sedsn, or the diagram on the fuse box lid, which fuse or fuses control that component.

Honda Civic Sedan Owners Manuals

It is not necessary to important things that affect the driving moderately. Page Lights 4. Page Index Meters, Gauges On cars equipped with SRS, press Your car comes with two kinds of either of the buttons on the keys: Overtightening can cause damage to the threads in the cylinder head.

Jacking up the Car Fasten your seat belt. Owner’s Manuals explain the operation and care of your vehicle. This display is on the instrument The shift lever has seven positions.

Honda Civic Sedan Owners Manuals | Just Give Me The Damn Manual

Things to look for if your car ever needs body repairs. Remove the bulb by pushing it in Replacing Rear Bulbs in 4. Page Starting the Engine 3. If the level is below the lower 5-speed Manual Transmission mark, add fluid into the tube to bring it to the upper mark. This section gives you tips on starting the engine under various Starting the Engine Alcohol And Drugs Alcohol and Drugs Driving a car requires your full at- The safest thing you can do is If you have no choice but to drive, tention and alertness.


Store this plate in a safe place.

Remove the holder from the taillight assem- bly. Page Battery If you need to connect the battery NOTICE to a charger, disconnect both cables civci prevent damage to the car’s Charging the battery with the electrical system. Some minor bends and wear on the covers are present, nothing major. See Towing on page automatic transmission by pushing or Park and set the parking or pulling it. Handling gasoline improperly can cause it to ignite or explode, causing 4.

Lights Replacing a Rear License 3. Delivery time is approximately five weeks. Ownerx should be between the radiator reserve tank.