After Lacson and his wife chose to stay in the Philippines When he published a page book titled 12 Little Things Every. A booklet authored by Alexander Ledesma Lacson entitled “Twelve (12) Little Things Every Filipino Can Do To Help Our Country”, has been. The 12 Little Things We Can Do For Our Country. August 9, at AM. 1st: Follow by Alexander L. Lacson. 91 Likes33 Comments69 Shares · Share.

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It makes a person proud.

According to Lacson, it was the Philippine Star founder and columnist Maximo Soliven who opened the door for him and his book. I felt like I was reading an essay written by a high school student.

I liked this book very much.

During elections, do your solemn duty. Mag-iwan ng mensahe Cancel reply Enter your comment here During elections, do your solemn duty When we fight for our votes, we fight for littl right to make our own destiny, as a people and as a nation. A good book, although not my cup of tea.

He and his wife Pia practice their Christianity — and live it. This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. It honestly affected me. He wanted to awake the sense of patriotism inside us, and work with it in every possible way, to make a better person and a better nation.


I had fruitlessly attempted calling my Stargate office on Ayala Avenue, then my associates and friends nearby.

Can you bring me somewhere where I can find a taxicab? Mga biblical passages at mga kasabihan mula sa mga kilalang tao tulad nila Corazon C. There were long discussions. Dispose your garbage properly. The trains themselves were filthy, the floors littered with trash, and were often late. David messaged me when she arrived from New York that the Japanese were now planning to transcribe the autobiography into Japanese and publish it in Tokyo, as a chronicle of what happened to a Filipino family in the war years and during Japanese military occupation.

Alex Lacson

It was on the ligtle seat beside him, and I picked it up. If we learn to follow them, it will be the lowest form of national discipline that we can develop. May mga inspiring stories katulad kay Mike Reagan, kay Alexander L.

Theo, Angeli, Ally, and John. Traffic rules are the simplest of our laws. My friend, this is a masterpiece for it tells something to us Filipinos.

He is also a co-founder and partner at the Malcolm Law Lacsson in Ortigas. Plus, you’ll get the message through to a lot of people. Filipinos who want to help our country in just 12 easy and simple ways.

The second formative event for Lacson was a one-week suspension from his high school after he led a boycott of classes inaround two months before his graduation. Lacson graduated fifth in his class at Esteban R.

12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do

This little book was written by a lawyer in with the aim of having as many Filipinos read this so the language is simple and feels like written by a bright elementary or high school student. There is love of neighbor when we value and pay our employees appropriately. Do the little things 2. Lacson subsequently decided to help all four of his half-brother’s children with their studies. Sometimes, you will even feel that Lacson was lason stating the obvious. Pay your employees well.


His wife, Pia Pena — it turned out even more amazingly — is the daughter of an old friend, Teddy Pena from Palawan! His mother, Rhings Tenefrancia Ledesma, was a public school teacher who taught second graders lascon the barrios of Kabankalan.

Alay Pinoy Publishing House. My mom got her copy of this book during a seminar this sounds familiar Feb 17, c.

Alex Lacson – Wikipedia

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Four years ago, he and his wife had a serious discussion about migrating zlex the US or Canada because the Philippines, as a country appeared hopeless since things only got worse year after year. It is class and elegance and kindness.